A Bike Ride in June at Sunset

Last night, Clif and I went for a sunset ride along Memorial Drive, which goes along Marancook Lake and is one of the prettiest roads in Winthrop. Another plus is that the traffic is light, and drivers are so used to watching out for bikers and walkers that they do not speed on this road.

The evening was perfect for a bike ride, warm but not too hot, and simply put, the light was lovely with the water shimmering as the sun set.


We came across another neglected roadside beauty.


As my blog friend Betsy observed, it is very strange to come upon cultivated flowers in unusual places, where it is obvious that there has never been any kind of a garden. I must admit, I really enjoy these unexpected bursts of beauty, which somehow manage to be both wayward and cultivated.

Onward we went, along the lake, in the cooling shadows of twilight.


Then it was back to Norcross Point, the little lakeside park where we had left the car. As the golden hour was truly upon us, I found there were more opportunities for pictures.


The apple blossoms and bridal wreaths were no longer in bloom, but there were roses, abuzz with bees and giving the park a slightly coastal feel.


Here is a closer look.


Clif noticed the flags flying at half-mast, in honor of the people murdered in Orlando, and he took a picture of the flags. A horrible event, but it so touching to think that the town of Winthrop, thousands of miles away, is in solidarity with Orlando.


Then, it was back to the car, loaded with our bikes.


And we returned to the little house in the big woods, where it was still light enough to have a drink on the patio.

Ah, summer, summer, summer!

(I know. Officially it’s still spring. But in reality, summer has come to central Maine.)


8 thoughts on “A Bike Ride in June at Sunset”

  1. Beautiful lake to ride around. Isn’t the long twilight the best? Last night I worked in the garden until dark and I when I came inside I was astonished to see in was nearly 9 pm! I love this time of year!

    1. Wonderful to have such long twilights. Just love it. This time of year is the best.

    1. Yes, Derrick. At last, at last! Fun to come upon those volunteers, however they get there.

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