Roadside Beauties

In Maine May is a month of sublime beauty,  but June is not far behind. The leaves on the trees are deep green and full grown, but they still look fresh, and everywhere, everywhere, flowers are bursting into glorious bloom.

On the way to book group last night, I stopped several times to take pictures of flowers and grasses by the side of the road. The light was just right—not too harsh, not too dim—and it was a photographer’s dream. (No matter where I go, I bring my wee wonder of a camera because it is better to have it and not need it rather than need it and not have it.)

This little iris might also qualify as a neglected beauty, lighting up the side of the road with her ethereal purple in a tangle of green.


Then, it was on to the war of the roses. White?


Or pink?


Or really close up?



Never mind! I’ll take them all. Just as I am with food, I am a glutton for flowers.

Finally, I was caught by the more subtle beauty of this grass and the way the setting sun made it glow. Not as flashy as the flowers, I know, but still lovely to look at.


Tonight, Clif and I will be going for a bike ride, and you can bet I’ll have the camera tucked in my bike bag. Because this time of year you never know what beauty you might find by the side of the road.

14 thoughts on “Roadside Beauties”

  1. When I see a cultivated perennial flower such as an iris, or day lillies, lilac in an unusual place I wonder how it got there. Did someone once plant it and enjoy it, was it in soil dumped there? I never know but it is intriguing.

    1. I know! ‘Tis a mystery. I expect many flowers are spread by animals, especially birds. Fun to come across those roadside beauties, though. I have another one for today’s post.

  2. Well! YOU certainly had a good day with the camera, didn’t you?! What a treat! Carry on, Laurie, you’re doing a fine job!!! XOXOO

  3. Missed this post (I have been WAY too busy of late). Your ‘wee camera’ takes some awesome shots! Love those roses. The best potpourri I ever made was from rosa rugosa petals – its scent is lovely!

    1. Thanks, Eliza. That wee camera is indeed a wonder. And I know how busy this time of year is. In New England, We must make up for all the time spent indoors.

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