Farewell, Beautiful May!

It’s the last day of May, a bittersweet time when we say farewell to one of the loveliest months in Maine. (Yes, autumn is beautiful, but May is so green, so full of promise, the beginning rather than the end.)

In the backyard, the ferns are nearly mature, and the woods are filled with shades of green.


Jack and his brethren are now full grown.


The large irises are in bud.


The dwarf snapdragons have been planted.


And in the front yard, Lester keeps an eye on things.


The squadrons of dragonflies have arrived—no pictures yet, but I will be on the lookout when I have my camera, and ditto for the swallowtail butterflies, another recent arrival.

Tonight Clif and I will go for a bike ride along Marancook Lake, where we will be held by the warm air. Ahead of us, we have three more months of beautiful summer, and we intend to squeeze as much joy as we can out of these precious months where we can spend much of our time outside—payback for the many months we must spend inside.

So, adieu, adieu, lovely May, until you return next year.


17 thoughts on “Farewell, Beautiful May!”

  1. I have two Jacks and received two more over the weekend. I do love Jack.:-) And, how come the warm months seem to arrive and depart so fast versus the cold, snowy winter months? We visited a farm we like this morning to pick up some cider donuts and asked about the peach crop. She said they didn’t even get one peach blossom. 😦

    1. What terrible news about the peach blossoms! Hope this is not true of all the peach trees in your area. It’s a mystery of time as to why the warm months speed by so quickly and why the cold months just linger and linger πŸ˜‰

  2. Your odes to May have been wonderful to read and to see. We come such a very long distance this month! Now it is summer.

  3. Beautiful photos, and I couldn’t agree more! Always loved May, though August would be slightly ahead for me…love the warm days and cool nights. I miss Memorial Weekend also. Hope you enjoyed it!

    1. Thanks so much! August is indeed a lovely month, although by then the slugs and snails have done their worst πŸ˜‰

  4. Oh my, what a gorgeous gradual you have in your paradise garden, Lester with his cool look!!! Beautiful worded post Laurie with beautiful photos! Xo Johanna

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