More Down and Up

This is the time of year when the velocity of change outside is breathtaking. Exactly a week ago, the ferns by the edge of the garden looked like this.


Today, they look like this.


Who can blame me, then, for bringing my camera with me when I hang out the laundry? I just can’t resist taking pictures every day, especially as it almost seems that if I sat in one place and stared long enough, then I could actually see the plants grow.

It was on the ground for me to take this picture of violets, a feather, and little white flowers whose name I do not know.


And to snap a shot of baby Jack.


Then, off the ground and a little higher to take a picture of the budding irises. (When they are in bloom, I will be back on the ground as I lie on the patio and try to get a good shot underneath.)


After that, I went from flowers to birds, a real challenge for my little camera. Even though I took pictures of woodpeckers and chickadees, the only decent shot I got was one of this mourning dove.


Finally, higher up to get a picture of sky, sky, sky and the fringe of budding leaves. (If I stare at this photo long enough, I swear I can see the clouds moving across the sky.)


Readers, stay tuned for more pictures.

12 thoughts on “More Down and Up”

  1. Delightful! This post is exactly my cup of tea!
    The little white flower is Thyme-leaf Speedwell (Veronica serpyllifolia). If you gather a little bouquet you can smell its sweet fragrance. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Eliza! I was hoping you’d know what the flower is. I’ve written it down to help me remember. And today I’ll be gathering a little bouquet.

    1. Thanks, Brenda. I’ll be taking more pictures of growing Jack. How lovely to have him in my backyard.

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