On the Ground

When I am outside, I sometimes feel as though my head is on a swivel. I look up. I look down. On the upside, there are leaves, sky, and flowering trees. On the downside, moss, flowers, acorns, and insects. Sometimes, I actually lie on the ground to take pictures, and I’m happy to report that even with extremely creaky knees, I’m able to get up on my own. I’m slow, and I’m clumsy, but up I clamber.

Everyday, there is always so much to look at, especially this time of year.




16 thoughts on “On the Ground”

  1. Yes, I spend a lot of time looking up for birds, down for insects and I between for dragonflies and butterflies. Ain’t life great. (So long as the knees can still just about bend. ) I enjoyed your post so much that I’m not going to read any more tonight as yours is a nice note to finish on. 😊

  2. Oh my, that ant in the strawberry blossom is wonderful. I no longer lie on the ground for photos because I’m afraid I’ll be a tick magnet!

    1. I didn’t even know the ant was there until I looked at the photo on my computer. Lucky shot! As for ticks…I’m a tick magnet whether I lie on the ground or not. So…

    1. Thanks, Jason. Now that I know that I can get up on my own—even if it’s slow and undignified—I’ll be taking more ground shots. It certainly gives one a different perspective.

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