Big news! The ice on the patio went out today.


Now the question remains: When will the ice go out on the Upper Narrows Pond? My friend Dawna, who lives by the pond, thinks it will be out tomorrow—Monday, March 14. She has promised to let me know.

It’s very odd how ice-out on our patio corresponds so closely to ice-out on the Narrows.

One of life’s wonders, and at the little house in the big woods, it gives us something to ponder.

More things to marvel at: Yesterday, I saw the first chipmunk in our backyard. They’ve come out of hibernation. I also heard tree frogs for the first time this year. No peepers yet.

When we have such things to keep track of, is it any wonder that Clif and I are never board even though we hardly travel?

Stay tuned for more spring tidings.

12 thoughts on “Gone”

  1. Woo-hoo. Feels like spring is here. We have so much outside work planned that we’re thrilled with this early mild weather. It’s giving us a nice head start. I have a quilt to finish, but can’t seem to come inside when the weather is so lovely.

  2. I grew up on a river which would freeze deeply enough so I could ice skate on it. I have fond memories of the time each spring when we would hear the ice would groan as it melted and broke up.

  3. Peepers!! I have been hearing them here in South Jersey for 3 days. Whenever I am driving near water I open the windows so I can hear them better – We don’t have the ice thing here. Peepers are the sound of Spring!

    1. Well, you are farther south than we are 😉 Every region has different aspects of spring, and in our region, ice-out is definitely one of them. Luckily, we have peepers,too.

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