Almost, Almost Gone

The ice is almost gone from the patio, and I predict it will be ice free by next week. If all goes as expected, we will be a month ahead of where we were last year. It is very tempting to remove that last little bit of pesky ice. But no, I will let it melt on its own so that I can have an accurate record of when the patio is truly ice free.


Today is a sunny day, and my plan is to sweep the patio and do a bit of cleaning in the backyard garden. I’m going to bring out a couple of chairs and the small glass table. Who knows? If it’s warm enough, Clif and I might just have afternoon tea on the patio. The first of the season.

Spring, spring is coming!

16 thoughts on “Almost, Almost Gone”

  1. You asked a while back to let you know when I hung out laundry for the first time here in Southeastern MA and it is today. I did a little weeding around the herbs too. Tomorrow I will rake around the hen house. Today they may go out in their chicken tractor for the first time this season. Having lived in New England all of my life I keep in mind that a heavy wet snowstorm may not be completely out of the picture even though none are predicted!

    1. Betsy, I envy you! Thanks so much for letting me know. You, of course, are ahead of us here in Maine. In a couple of weeks, I should be hanging my laundry out, too.

    1. Oh, yes. Even in Maine, when early spring means mud, it is still a thrill to see life emerge again.

      1. We go slightly ‘mental’ when we see a red leaf here 🙂 A lot of us travel to see the snow but for the residence the thaw must be the thing to look forward to 🙂

  2. Yes, spring is more advanced here than it was at this time last year. I had to work today, but was hoping to do some gardening tomorrow. They’re predicting rain, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    1. Jason, we are a month ahead of where we were last year. It feels like April rather than March. Hope the weather held for you.

  3. Yay spring! We’ve had temps in the 70’s here for a week now. Spring planting is well underway. Of course there is always the danger of a late wintry blast (we had one last year) but I prefer to believe that the ice is behind us now. Bring on the gardens!

    1. You, of course, are way ahead of us. Yes, there might be a March surprise, but nevertheless, I think we are on the other side of winter.

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