Success with Red Bean Soup

Yesterday, before doing errands, Clif and I chopped vegetables and chicken sausage and put them—along with chicken broth, water, tomato paste, and spices—in the slow-cooker. We added plenty of red beans. Finally, my not-so-secret ingredient, a little soy sauce.

Off we went to do errands, and when we came home—voilà!—the house was filled with the spicy smell of simmering soup.

Clif’s Yankee pronouncement? “Pretty darned good.”


13 thoughts on “Success with Red Bean Soup”

  1. Just the ticket for a winter day. Hope you have some leftovers ’cause it’s gonna be cold outside tonight! XOXOOXO

    1. Did I miss where the recipe was or is this one of your “I didn’t measure” ones! 😛

      1. I didn’t include the recipe. I’ll add it to the piece in the next day or so 😉 And, yes, there wasn’t much measuring.

      2. Somehow I’m not surprised with the lack of measuring! 😛 I’ll keep an eye out for it – good one for me to throw all together before heading out to work.

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