Making Red Bean Soup on a Snowy Day

This morning, when I looked out my window, I saw falling snow and a gray day.

I couldn’t catch the falling snow, only the gray


A perfect day to make red bean soup, in honor not only of Esther and her mother but also in honor of soup month, which January apparently is. (In Maine, January is an appropriately frosty time to celebrate soup.)


I found some beans from Maine, and I soaked them last night.This morning I simmered them, and soon into the slow-cooker the red beans will go along with green beans, summer squash, and green peppers. (Those last three had been frozen then thawed.) I will also add some chicken sausage.

I’ll make biscuits, of course. After Esther’s story of walking home in the cold and the dark to red bean soup and biscuits, how could I leave out the biscuits?

I expect my soup will different from the one that Esther’s mother used to make, but no matter. It will be red bean soup. Served with biscuits.

9 thoughts on “Making Red Bean Soup on a Snowy Day”

  1. A perfect winter meal. Little did Esther’s mom know that she would be inspiring someone decades later to cook up some bean soup. Nice.

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