After the Lashing Rain

IMG_0091-1Yesterday, we had a lashing rain and discovered there was a leak around the chimney. As soon as it dries, Clif, like Santa, will be up on the rooftop, but instead of coming down the chimney, Clif will be patching the leak. (And a good thing, too, because the chimney leads directly to the wood furnace that heats our home.)

But we in central Maine should be grateful. In northern Maine, instead of a lashing rain, they had a wintry mix, a term that chills the heart of any Mainer, as freezing rain is usually part of that mix. However, I haven’t heard of any widespread power outages, so the wintry mix couldn’t have been too bad.

Quiet has returned to the little house in the big woods. Yesterday, Somara and Holly went back home with Shannon. (How thrilled they were to see her!) My cold, finally, is going away. (I’ve had ten not-so-merry days of coughing myself silly.)

Time to roll up the sleeves and start with the Christmas cooking. The new convection oven works like a champ, and I’m ready to make peppermint-frosted shortbread and thumbprint cookies. Homemade ice cream pie. Peanut butter balls and chocolate-covered pretzels. Many of these goodies will be going out to the various elves who make our lives better.

Ho, ho, ho!


12 thoughts on “After the Lashing Rain”

  1. I love shortbread, Yum. Hope the roof is all fixed, you’re continuing to feel better, and the weather has settled down. It is bright and sunny right now with quite a bit of wind and so warm I took a walk around picking up downed sticks. Seems like a spring day out there which is kind of scary.

  2. Speaking of lashing rain; we’re being lashed right now, in Sydney Australia so an enforced break from gardening. I’ve never tried shortbread with mind icing! It’s good with passionfruit, that I know 🙂

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