Dogs of Our Lives

This weekend Shannon and Mike went to North Carolina to look for a place to live—they’re moving the end of December, and how we’ll miss them! Therefore, Clif and I took care of Shannon and Mike’s dogs, Holly and Somara, while they were away.

Each day, into the woods we went so the dogs could sniff and run and play. How lucky for us to have such beautiful trails so close by. And, I must admit, even though it is freakishly warm for December in Maine—in the fifties, no less—I was grateful to have bare trails for our doggy romps.

Somara running lickety-split
Somara running lickety-split


Clif and the gang
Clif and the gang


Waiting at attention for treats
Waiting at attention for treats


More lickety-split
More lickety-split


Shannon and Mike aren’t the only ones we’ll miss. We’ll miss those dogs, too.

14 thoughts on “Dogs of Our Lives”

  1. Thanks for watching our girls and glad they were good for you!! As excited as we are for this move – will miss being near you guys a lot!! And the girls will too – they love coming to visit you!!

  2. North Carolina is a NICE place to visit. Our son & family lived in Raleigh for nearly 20 years so we’ve had many walks, sites to visit, etc. Trails include some of the Green Trail which starts here in Maine. Also Duke Gardens is a MUST see if possible. Yes, it’s a long ways away – but it will be a new adventure for all of you. Do you know what area of NC yet?

  3. It is hard to ahve you loved ones far way..i speak from experience. but I must say, i do love the visits we have double and triple. And thank goodness for skype, email and texts!!! Good luck adjusting to the new situation, xo Johanna

  4. I love the post title and the shot of the two expectant pup faces waiting for their treats. Sad for you that they’re moving, but NC is a drive-able distance and a good place to visit. Also, it could be worse. Our daughter just moved from NC to Cal.–much farther away!

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