First Bread

Yesterday, I baked our first loaves of bread in the new oven. My fears— or concerns, if you will—turned out to be completely justified. In my old oven, it took thirty-three minutes to bake the bread to golden perfection. I decided to see if the same was true for my new oven. It was not.

The bread, although not burnt, came out a little too dark, a little overbaked, and thus a little dry.  As Clif and I mostly think of bread as toast—oh, how we love toast—this dry bread is not as bad as it sounds. However, next time I make bread, I will bake it for thirty minutes and go from there.

First bread, a little too dark
First bread, a little too dark

The next challenge will be gingersnaps, which I’ll be making on Monday to bring to my friend Esther when I go for a visit on Tuesday.  In my old oven, eleven minutes gave you a perfect cookie that had a little snap and a little chew all at the same time. I’ve decided to try nine minutes.

All this fussing about time reminds me that my old oven and I were quite the team. I knew just how long it took to bake family favorites. Now, I will have to recalculate the times for many of the things I bake.

No wonder the old stove seemed like a friend. People and their tools, their equipment, and their appliances can form quite a bond.

12 thoughts on “First Bread”

  1. Wow you are so precise! Maybe the problem you are facing with the new oven is the reason I didn’t replace mine. I don’t have the energy to start over. However, your bread looks fabulous and I am sure everyone loved your ginger snaps. 🙂

  2. Maybe you are in the “trial and error” phase with a new stove, but I could almost smell that bread, and it looks delicious! I come from a long line of bread lovers! Yes indeedy!

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