Dogs in the Yard

Last Saturday, Clif and I took care of the granddogs while Mike and Shannon visited with relatives. The day was dry and warm, perfect for yard work, perfect for dogs to frolic in the yard.

Holly and Somara are both young dogs, and how fun it was to watch them race and chase each other. Liam, who at nearly eleven is, ahem, a senior dog, mostly just watched. However, once in a while Liam would rouse himself to join in on the fun. All too often, when I should have been raking, I would just stand and watch the dogs as they played.

I wasn’t able to take pictures of the dogs as they raced—too fast for my little camera—but I was able to get a few shots between frolics.

Liam, the senior dog
Liam, the senior dog


Somara, surveying the yard and the unraked leaves
Somara, surveying the yard and the unraked leaves


Holly, alert and always ready to have her picture taken
Holly, alert and always ready to have her picture taken


Dogs, leaves, a fire in the fire pit at night, S’mores. November, too, has its delights.

14 thoughts on “Dogs in the Yard”

  1. So much trust in Holly’s eyes πŸ™‚ I believe it helps if you move the camera at the speed of the object as you click, if you are still using an old fashion camera; otherwise keeping your finger on the button will take numerous shots at great speed if you have a relatively new camera.

    1. Mary, what a lovely thing to write about Holly. I hadn’t thought of it, but so true. Thanks for the tip about taking pictures of animals on the run. I will give this a try with my wee camera that fortunately does take pictures at great speed.

    1. Dogs are a lot of work, but they are such good buddies. Jason, are you more of a cat lover?

      1. Without cats, our house would be a mouse house. We know this because we tried going without cats for a while, and that was a big mistake. Our cats don’t catch many mouse, but their presence is a huge deterrent.

    1. Eliza, I got a little raking done. Fortunately, Clif and the trusty lawn mower have come to my aid.

      1. I use the lawnmower to corral leaves all into a pile – so much easier than raking a huge lawn. Do you use your leaves for compost or mulch? I wish I had a huge truck for all the leaves folks throw out. The worms make super plant food out of leaves!

      2. Eliza, we don’t use our leaves for either compost or mulch. Too many pine needles in them, and I already have a problem with acidic soil. However, if we didn’t have so many pines around the house, you can bet I’d use those leaves.

  2. what a happy November day!! Charley goes crazy in the leafs too! she even runs underneath the deck, how she manages that with one eye and not bumping her head, is a mircale to me! xo Johanna

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