Farewell, Old Friend. Hello, New Friend.

Yesterday was quite the day at the little house in the big woods. Two men from Dave’s Appliance delivered our new stove. It was also a bittersweet day. As I noted in a previous post, we bought that stove—a basic electric—in the mid-1990s, and I have literally cooked thousands of meals on it. I’ve fed family and friends. Really, for the past twenty years, there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t use the stove.

But the time had come—there were just too many things that were broken—and it was with a lump in my throat that I watched the two delivery men take out the old stove. Out they wheeled it to the big truck, and back in they came with the new stove, another basic electric. Within thirty minutes, the job was done. Farewell, farewell old friend.

Clif and I eschewed the electric stoves with the flat, glass tops. We were told we could not use cast iron or any other pot with a texture on the bottom as they would scratch the top. We asked ourselves, how in the world could we make home fries without using a cast-iron frying pan?  Clearly, we couldn’t. The cast-iron frying pan make those home fries so crispy, so right. Therefore, we went with the traditional coil burners.

After the delivery men left, it didn’t take us long to make inaugural cups of tea. As the water heated, I marveled at how the front burner actual worked and how the oven door stayed open all by itself. I  didn’t have to rest it against my knees to peek into the oven. I didn’t have to lock the door for it to remain shut.

Welcome, new friend! I hope you stay at the little house in the big woods for many years.



13 thoughts on “Farewell, Old Friend. Hello, New Friend.”

  1. Haha I have been living without an oven for years. When it died I thought I won’t be around for long enough to warrant a new one but I am still here and your delight in the new stove makes me want to replace it.

    1. Thanks, Johanna! Over the years, it has heated a lot of water for many, many cups of tea.

  2. Good morning………….feel the need to chime in that I have had a glass top electric stove for 12 plus years……..I use my old, heavy black cast iron skillets every day……….no problems. No scratches……..I was cautious when I first tried using them, but it has not been a problem with my glass top.

    1. Jim, thanks for chiming in! Nice to know those glass-top electrics really aren’t that fragile.

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