Tumbling Leaves, Warm Weather, and S’mores

Such a mild November we are having. For this whole first week it has been so warm that we’ve needed no heat during the day. Around 6:00 p.m., Clif has started a fire in our wood furnace in the basement, and that has been enough to keep us warm until the next evening.

I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, it is great that we haven’t had to use any type of heat during the day. (As Mainers, we are prepared for the cold and have three sources of heat—electric, propane, and wood. At various times during the year, we use all three.) But this warm November weather is, well, just plain weird and is no doubt the result of climate change.

However, even though I take climate change very seriously, and Clif and I have worked hard to reduce our carbon footprint, I figure I might as well enjoy this warm weather while it is here.Β  Because paradoxically, climate change has also seemed to bring colder weather in the winter and lots and lots of snow.

In the yard, most of the gardens have been cut back, but a few valiant dwarf snap dragons are still in bloom. I can’t bring myself to pull the plants, and I’ll probably leave them until next spring.


I have begun bringing in the various garden ornaments, but this little creature is still guarding the yard. Soon he will be down cellar with the others.


While many of the trees are bare, and the yard is full of leaves just waiting to be raked, the leaves continue to fall. I was lucky enough to catch this oak leaf before it hit the ground.


While oak leaves do not have the brilliant color of maple leaves, they have their own quiet beauty, especially when they are against a deep blue sky.


Today, if the weather allows—the sky is overcast right now—I’ll rake the lawn around our firepit so that we can have a fire this weekend. On Saturday, Shannon,Β  Mike,and the dogs will be coming for a visit.

Who knows? We might even gather around the fire and have S’mores.

12 thoughts on “Tumbling Leaves, Warm Weather, and S’mores”

  1. Yes, those of us who’s been gardening for decades with an eye on the weather all the time. We know about climate change. For those who wants to say, ‘we didn’t do it’ may want to consider the future. But then they may be pinning their hopes on Mars.

  2. The mild November is a little unnerving. I find myself hoping for a hard frost, which is unusual to say the least. I have never seen a decorative possum before.

  3. All our oak leaves dumped today (a few had fallen, but the gusty wind today pulled them all off) so tomorrow is clean-up time! I took tons of pics of the swirls of leaves – I was mesmerized by them with a big grin on my face. The child within is alive and well! πŸ˜‰

    1. Eliza, I love your reaction to the leaves. It’s like watching a leaf-sprite dance, isn’t it?

    1. Judy, you are so right about bringing in furniture and ornaments. Still working on it, but I’m coming down the home stretch.
      I’ve eaten at Pigs Can Fly. I had fish tacos. Very tasty. And on Saturday night, the fire and the S’mores were a big hit.

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