A Walk Around Winthrop: August 2, 2015

Our daughter Shannon and her husband Mike have gone camping for a few days, and, as a result, we are dogsitting their dog Holly. (Their other dog, Somara, is a more easy-going dog, and they took her with them.) Much of the day was spent in our fenced-in backyard, but Holly is a young, energetic dog, and we decided to take her and Liam for a walk around town. We started at the library, where I had Clif sit on the bench with the dogs close-by.


We walked around the corner to Maranacook Lake and the public beach. Maranacook Lake is fairly large. It spans two towns, has a twenty-two mile perimeter, and comprises 1,844 acres. I am happy to report the water quality is above average.




We came across a plant that I have never seen before, and one that the bees certainly seem to like. If anyone is familiar with this plant, do let me know what it is.


After walking by the beach, we turned up a side street, where we admired a sculpture made from a tree trunk.


And a lovely yellow door of an old house.


Then it was back on Main Street and around the corner to the library, where our car was parked. Not a long walk, but an interesting one with many things to look at.


4 thoughts on “A Walk Around Winthrop: August 2, 2015”

    1. Thanks so much for the information, Jason. That’s exactly what it is. It was growing by the lake, and I read that it likes wet spots. So it makes sense. I have never seen one in Winthrop before. Either I have been spectacularly unobservant—always a possibility—or it is a recent arrival.

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