All about Piper

Yesterday, I went to visit Darling Baby—aka Piper—who at sixteen months is fast on her way to becoming Darling Toddler. Her grandmother Beth, who is a good friend, takes care of Piper, and what patient, loving care Darling Baby gets. It is such a pleasure to see them interact.

It is also a great pleasure to listen to Piper learn to speak. She knows many words and has started stringing a few together in simple sentences. Piper even related a scary experience she had on the Fourth with a wayward table umbrella that toppled over and nearly hit her dear little head. “Umbrella. Boom,” Piper said, touching her head.

So glad it missed her!

Beth made me a delicious lunch of quiche, bean salad, and muffins. (What a treat when someone makes lunch for me!) For dessert, we had some triffle, made by Sara, Piper’s mother and Beth’s daughter. Lovely with berries, angel food cake, and whipped cream.

After lunch, we played with Piper. First, there were bubbles, which she tried to catch.


Then it was time for Piper to make her own bubbles.


Bubble time was followed by pool time, with a little splashing along the edge.


After the splashing, Piper was ready for some real pool action.


When pool time was over, Beth dried Piper, dressed her, gave her some milk, and put her down for a nap. Piper was asleep in minutes.

Ah, the life of a darling baby.

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    1. How true, Johanna! And if only all babies could receive the loving care that Piper gets.

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