Hinterland Photography Goes to the Winthrop Art Fair

IMG_6354On Saturday, Clif and I, of Hinterland Photography, will be setting up shop at the Winthrop Art Fair. The past two weeks have been busy, busy, busy. We now have 225 cards to sell—flowers, animals, scenery, doors, and even some with food. We’ll also have framed photos to sell, ranging from big—11 x 14—to small—4 x 6.

Today will be a day to get all the bits and bobs organized—cash for the cash box, price cards for the framed photos, and all the various things we will need tomorrow. The spare bedroom is cluttered with items for the fair, but most everything is one place, which is good.

Will everything go into our Honda Fit? Or, will we need to make two trips? For this event, it isn’t an issue as the fair’s site—on Winthrop’s Main Street—is about a mile from the little house in the big woods. However, it could be an issue for future fairs. One thing at a time, as Clif and I like to say to each other.

Unfortunately, the weather forecast has gone from dry and sunny, the way it should be in August, to “checkered,” meaning cloudy mixed with a bit of sun with the possibility of showers. Not the best, but not the worst either. At least torrential downpours aren’t predicted, in which case Clif and I wouldn’t go. We would not want our cards and framed photos to be ruined by the rain. We do have a canopy, but it will provide only so much protection.

But checkered we can live with.

So readers, if you live in central Maine and feel like going to the Winthrop Art Fair, do stop by and say hi. The art fair runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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