A Fourth Wedding Anniversary

Mike and Shannon
Mike and Shannon

Last night we had a tempest. There is no other word for it. The rain beat down with a rush and a roar on the little house in the big woods. This downpour was punctuated by lightening and thunder, fortunately not too close.

The storm was still going strong when it was time to let the dog out for his nightly business. When I opened the bulkhead to let him go in the backyard, I was soaked within seconds as the rain beat into our cellar. The dog gave me a look that indicated I was nuts if I thought he was going to venture out in such weather, and in the short time it took me to close the bulkhead, I was wet through to my underwear.

I certainly couldn’t blame the dog for not wanting to go out in the lashing rain. So I read until 1 a.m., and by then the tempest had calmed to a light rain. The dog willing went out and did what he needed to do, after which I gratefully went back to bed and to sleep.

Today, the rain has stopped, and there is blue sky.  As my daughter Shannon has noted, “August 14 is always a good day.” And a special day as well—her and Mike’s wedding anniversary. This year it is their fourth, and depending on the weather and the menu, Shannon and Mike plan to have a celebratory meal at The Well at Jordan’s in Cape Elizabeth.

I’ve never been to The Well, but their website description sounds lovely—a limited, changing menu of about five entrées, and the food is served on picnic tables among the gardens. The prices are even reasonable, ranging from $21 to $24, prices that everyday folks can afford for a special occasion such as an anniversary.

Shannon and Mike, of course, are one of my favorite couples, and on their fourth wedding anniversary, I can’t help but think how lucky we are to have Mike for a son-in-law. Not only is he kind, patient, brave, and good natured, but he loves books, movies, and art, which makes him interesting as well. Clif and I love getting together with Shannon and Mike, where we have wide-ranging conversations that are never boring. What a bonus to have a son-in-law who is not only nice but who is also sharp and a great pleasure to talk with.

Happy fourth anniversary, Shannon and Mike. May you have many, many more.

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  1. Thank you very much!! 🙂 I agree completely with your description of Michael – though I am a little biased!! 😛

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