A Parfait Weekend

IMG_5905Last weekend was a busy one filled with good friends and good food, my favorite kind of weekend. A parfait weekend, if you’ll pardon the pun, as on Friday we made parfaits with homemade ice cream for our friends Dawna and Jim. There was lots of good talk about photography and family.

On Saturday, we went to our friend Diane’s house in Brunswick, where we talked about our various projects, art, literature, and the places we love best.

The place I love best, aside from Maine, is England. You might even call it my heart’s home. It is the land of Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and Tolkien. It is bursting with flowers. In England, there are lots of dogs, plenty of tea, and lovely hot scones. And the green, rolling countryside seems to stretch in every direction.

For my friend Diane, Italy is her heart’s home. Art infuses all aspects of everyday life, and that really resonated with her. For her friend Jeff, it was France—the food, the climate, the people. For Jackie, another friend, it was Japan.

It’s funny how your heart’s home can be some place different from where you were born.