A Double Batch of Gingersnaps for the Library’s Kick-Off Celebration

img_5678This afternoon, I spent a couple of hours making a double batch of gingersnaps for the Charles M. Bailey Public Library’s Kick-Off Celebration for the new expansion. The Kick-Off will be held tomorrow, Thursday, May 15 at 5:30 p.m. at the library on Bowdoin St. Those of us on the expansion team are hoping we’ll get a good turnout for this event.

For those who come, there will be plenty of homemade treats as well as a chance to talk to members on the campaign team and to maybe, maybe make a donation to this very worthy cause.

Initially, at the beginning of the week, rain was forecasted for Thursday, but as I write, the weather report looks pretty darned good for tomorrow.

I am going to take this as an auspicious sign.


One thought on “A Double Batch of Gingersnaps for the Library’s Kick-Off Celebration”

  1. Congratulations and best of success tomorrow. Libraries seem to need all the help they can get. XOXOXO

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