Notes from the Hinterland: In Bloom and Unfurling

Although everything is late, spring has finally come to Maine. The hermit thrushes are back with their pan-pipe songs. Yesterday, I saw a hummingbird—time to put up the lovely red feeder Clif bought me for Christmas. It’s been sunny and warm enough for lunch on the patio, and mild enough, even, for an hour on the patio when Clif comes home from work. Best of all, the black flies, the scourge of the north, have yet to rear their ugly little heads. Dare I hope that this will be a sparse spring for black flies? I sure do!

In the garden, in the woods, by the road, flowers are blooming, and plants are unfurling. Here are a few pictures I recently took:




Such a busy time of year. For the next few weeks I will be digging, planting, and, in general, grubbing in the yard. There is also a lot going at our library, with the expansion entering its public phase. (I’m a trustee and a volunteer.) There will be a kick-off celebration next week, and—surprise, surprise—I was the one to organize the food.

Busy or not, I’m still cooking dinner every night, of course. Clif and I hardly ever eat out, and I even have a recipe to share—chickpea cutlets—and another to experiment with—chili made with black bean “meat balls.” But these recipes will have to wait for either a rainy day or June.

In the meantime, here is a picture of the chickpea cutlets, adapted from a Mark Bittman recipe. My, my, they were tasty, if I do say so myself. A definite make-again dish.


This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and at the little house in the big woods, there will be a waffle brunch, complete with home fries, fruit salad, and an egg dish. I’m told there will even be chocolate cupcakes for dessert.

Happy spring and Happy Mother’s Day to all!

3 thoughts on “Notes from the Hinterland: In Bloom and Unfurling”

  1. There will be chocolate cupcakes for dessert – with a mint white chocolate whip cream topping! 🙂 Happy early Mother’s Day!

    Love this time of year – bring on the flowers and Spring!! 🙂

  2. Hello darlin’ Things are popping all over. Blackflys are here plaguing our Ralphie already, but we have plenty of witch hazel on hand to take the sting out of the bites…a little anyway. I’m interested in the chickpea fritter recipe. Since we have a rainy week coming up supposedly, I’ll keep my eye open for it. Thanks in advance. XOXOXO

    1. The blackflies have arrived in central Maine, Burni. Little darlings! They are late this year. As soon as there is a rainy day, I will post the recipe for the chickpea cutlets. So good, and good for you!

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