More Foggy Pictures of the Narrows

It is the first of November—All Saints Day—and although the sky is clearing, we have another gray, rainy day on the Narrows Pond Road. The brilliance of October is behind us, and although I love the bright colors of mid-fall, I also love the austere colors of November—the russets, the dark green of the pines and firs, the red of the winter berries.

As I have noted many times, the Narrows, just down the road from me, is always beautiful, but it is especially so on a foggy day. Here are some more foggy pictures of the Narrows, and as I’m sure readers have come to realize, I could easily emulate Monet and take picture after picture of the Narrows through the seasons and at different times of day.





2 thoughts on “More Foggy Pictures of the Narrows”

  1. I certainly do see what inspires you to photograph and re-photograph the Narrows. I love the austere colors of November, too, and by the time November is over, I’m starved for brighter colors…just in time for the holidays! XOXOXO

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