A Gray Halloween

img_4528Today is the last day of October, a chill, gray day that somehow seems appropriate as we move into November. I had planned to work in the yard today, to clean the last of my plant pots, but it was too raw to rinse and scrub pots outdoors. That chore will have to wait for a sunny day. Instead, I put on my raincoat and took the dog for a walk to the Narrows, which is beautiful whether the day is gray or sunny.

As I walked to the dripping Narrows, I thought of how tonight, the little beasties and ghouls would be out and about, going from house to house in search of treats. I can remember the thrill of Trick or Treating, of wearing a stiff plastic mask and of carrying my little bucket. I loved walking down the street in the dark and seeing the silhouettes of other children on the street. At the end of the night, my bucket would be full of candy with only a few disappointing boxes of raisins and perhaps an apple or two. Butter Fingers, Pom Poms, Hershey Bars, Baby Ruth bars, most of them small, but occasionally I would hit the jackpot and get a large one from some generous neighbor. Did I eat the small or the large candy first? I don’t remember, but knowing how gluttonous I am, I suspect I went for the best stuff first.

We live so far out in the country, on a dark road, that we don’t get any Trick or Treaters, and I am sorry we don’t. Every year, we buy candy, just in case. Then, when no one comes, Clif and I have to eat it all. This year we didn’t buy any, and as usual, no little ghoulies came to our house. When I opened the door to see if it was still raining, the night was completely dark, and all I heard was a steady drip. The crickets have been silenced by the cold, and their songs no longer fill the night.

November is on our doorstep. Time to finish with the gardens, time to rake the leaves, time to stack the wood.