Easter dinner

Now that the children are grown, except for the odd bag or two of chocolate eggs, Easter is no longer a big celebration in our house. Therefore on Sunday, my husband, Clif, and I decided to go to Portland Stage Company to a matinée performance of Heroes, a very witty play adapted by Tom Stoppard. As the house was nearly full, it seems that plenty of other folks had decided this was a good way to spend an Easter afternoon.

Because our daughter Shannon and her husband, Mike, live in South Portland, we dropped off our dog, Liam, with them before going to the play.

“Do you want to come for dinner afterward?” Shannon had asked earlier.

“Sure!” I had answered, never one to pass up an invitation to dinner.

Keeping in mind my recent decision not to eat meat, Shannon found a Martha Stewart recipe called Easiest Indian Stew, and she made this for our “Easter” dinner. Readers, Easiest Indian Stew is fast food at its best. It doesn’t have many ingredients—chickpeas, tomato sauce, ginger, curry, garlic, onion, and rice—it is quick to make—less than a half hour—and it is good for you. As a bonus, the whole house is fragrant with garlic and spices as the stew simmers.

Shannon made corn bread to go with the stew. A perfect accompaniment.

The stew was a hit—Clif could have easily gone back for thirds—and we all agreed that it would be good for any day. I could certainly eat it once a month, and I will be adding it to my repertoire of quick but healthy dishes.

Now, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that other ingredients could be added to this stew: peanuts, roasted cauliflower, peppers, broccoli, to name a few. A bit of allspice could be added to give it “dimension,” as Rosa at The Flaky Tart puts it. We added red pepper flakes to give the dish a little heat.

However the stew was good as is, and I’ll be making it sometime soon. Very soon.


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