As I noted in yesterday’s post, it’s a busy time for me right now, and during these times, even a homebody must have a few tricks up her sleeve, so to speak, so that she can prepare quick, tasty, yet nutritious meals. As a rule, my husband, Clif, and I eat out once a week at some local restaurant where the food is fresh but can still only be considered a treat. (I also slide in a solo lunch trip to The Flaky Tart once a week.) Often we go to The Red Barn in Augusta or to Bolley’s Famous Franks, also in Augusta. Both places feature delicious fried seafood, just perfect for our weekly treat.

The other six days, I cook dinner, and because I am a homebody, I usually have time to make meals that require lots of chopping and simmering. But not right now. So for the next week or so, the emphasis will be on fast food at home, but homemade rather than overly processed.

One of my absolute favorite quick meals—so good that I could happily eat it once a week—is something I’ve dubbed Asian wraps. In brief, here is what I do. I cook 1 cup of rice as directed on the package. Since I use organic white basmati, this only takes 10 minutes or so. I know that brown rice is better for me, but I can’t help it—I like white basmati better. While the rice is cooking, I steam about 1 cup of broccoli and grate one carrot. I grind some peanuts. There is a bit of a cheat with this dish as I use packaged tortillas and a ginger soy sauce from Trader Joe’s to finish it off. Dedicated cooks could make their own tortillas as well as a ginger soy sauce, but then the meal wouldn’t be quite as quick, and that is today’s emphasis.

Despite the store-bought tortillas and the bottled sauce, this is a tasty, nutritious meal that can be made oh so quickly. I hardly need to add that many other vegetables and even meat could be added to this wrap, and when they are in season, we use veggies that we either grow or get from Farmer Kev. Sugar snaps are especially good and so is sautéd zucchini. A chopped fried egg would be a nice addition as would sautéd peppers or onions. Whatever suits your fancy.

Recently we had those wraps, and I photographed the assembly process as Clif made a wrap. Note: The corn in the photos was used as a side, but the corn could have easily been added with the other vegetables.


Everything in place


First comes the rice


Then broccoli and shredded carrots


A garnish of chopped peanuts


A touch of sauce


It’s a wrap!


A full plate for Clif