Recently, I received an email from my friend Kate Johnson, and I have her permission to reprint it in this post.

“I’m making your mom’s biscuit recipe this evening.  Roasted a chicken last Thursday and have leftovers.  Chicken and gravy with a bit of asparagus over those biscuits will make for a delicious dinner when we get home from our indoor cycle class. Best biscuit recipe ever!”

A wonderful tribute to Mom, who was a fabulous baker. (Better than I am, in fact.) From pie crusts to cookies to cakes to fudge, everything she baked was utterly delicious.

Biscuits go with many things, with chicken and gravy and a bit of asparagus. With any kind of soup. With eggs for breakfast. A little peanut butter on a biscuit makes a tasty lunch. Biscuits are one of those homely foods that never go out of style, and Kate is right. My mom’s biscuit recipe is the best biscuit recipe ever. (Here is a link to my mother’s biscuit recipe.)






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    1. That they were! And although mine are pretty good, they are nothing compared to hers.

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