From the website World of 7 Billion: A fascinating wall chart illustrating how we went from 1 billion people in 1804 to 7 billion people in 2011. This chart shows when we began canning and freezing food as well a myriad of other things—not all of them bad—that came as a result of the industrial era.

From the New York Times: Mark Bittman takes on a controversial subject: not letting food stamp recipients buy unhealthy food with their food stamps. He makes a compelling case, and yet in the end I find myself agreeing with the food activist Mark Winne, who has suggested it would be much better to use positive reinforcement and give extra credit for healthy food rather rather than to restrict what people can buy.

From Mary Elizabeth Williams writes about Disney’s failed attempt to make heroes out of virtues such as “Will Power,” and villains out of vices such as “Glutton.” What will be next? A cartoon called The Scarlet G?

From the Portland Press Herald: Joe Bonwich has some great suggestions for crockpot meals.

From the blog Henbogle: In honor of Occupy Our Food Supply’s global day of action, Ali recently cooked a nearly 100 percent local meal, and how delicious it looks! (Wish I had known about that day of action.)