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Charles M. Bailey Public Library is Officially Open

IMG_9108There! After a week of folderol and brouhaha, the new and improved Bailey Library is officially open. There was a ribbon cutting ceremony, with Sarah Fuller, the chair of the Winthrop Town Council, doing the honors. Before cutting the ribbon she quoted from Cicero: “A room without books is like a body without a soul.”

IMG_9123Hear, hear!

Edie Smith, from Senator Angus King’s office, told a charming story of coming to Bailey Library as a young girl. She would find a book and read perched on the window sill in the reading room until Mrs. Dow, the head librarian, would say, “Edith Ann, it’s time to go home.”

After the ribbon cutting, people stayed  to chat, admire the library, and check out books and DVDs. Clif commented on the happy vibes that filled the library.

The happy crowd at the library
The happy crowd at the library

We were indeed all happy: the trustees and campaign volunteers who have worked so hard to raise the million dollars for the project; the library staff who have  also worked hard to move the library from its temporary location and to make everything presentable for the opening; the patrons who now have an expanded library filled with light and oak shelves and plenty of room to sit and read.

We were all smiling, smiling, smiling.

My friend Margy Knight said, “We’re so in love with libraries that people might think we’re loony for libraries.”

Loony for libraries. Margy certainly got that right.

Later in the day…happy teens in the new teen section.