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Here Comes Christmas and with it Some Snow

The box on the front porch

There are two days until Christmas. It’s snowing, and all the ugly hard snow has been softly covered. The evergreen branches are frosted, and the view from my office window looks like a winter wonderland. Unfortunately, rain is predicted later in the day, and the beauty might be short lived.

Whatever the weather, there is much to do today and tomorrow. The list includes making thumb print cookies, pie knots, spicy pumpkin soup, and stuffed shells. There is vacuuming to be done—a regular chore for a home that has one dog and two cats—as well as other cleaning. Fortunately, Clif is taking the day off tomorrow, which means I’ll have some help.

Dee will be coming from New York and will stay in Maine until the New Year. Therefore, I’ll be taking a break from this blog for a week or so. But to get readers in the holiday spirit, I’ve included some winter pictures in this post.

Merry Christmas to all and a very happy New Year.

Into the woods
Into the woods
In a little deeper
In a bit deeper
Little tracks in the snow in the woods
Little tracks in the snow