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The Ice Storm Didn’t Cometh—At Least Not Yet

A Christmas ornament from Ireland
A Christmas ornament from Ireland

This time, luck was with us in central Maine. Instead of two days of freezing rain and almost certain power outages, it was warm enough so that we got plain old rain that did not coat the trees and roads with ice. While the rain makes an awful drizzly mess, at least it isn’t an ice storm. How I hate ice storms.

I am hoping we can make it to the New Year without any major storms and power outages. We have lots of holiday plans, and much of it involves cooking and baking and visiting with family and friends. Once again our daughter Dee will be traveling from New York to Maine, and it would be great if wasn’t a nail-biter of a trip.

Winter, of course, will do what it wants, and all we can do is be prepared for terrible weather. The soup and beans remain in the pantry; the water is at the ready in covered buckets. The cookies? Well, I have to confess that Clif and I broke into the Pepperidge Farm cookies last night, and they are unlikely to make it to the next ice storm, unless—heaven forbid—we have one in the next few days.

In yesterday’s gray and gloom, I received a package from Shari Burke—all the way from Ireland—and in it was one of the sweetest Christmas tree ornaments I have ever seen. A little book dangles at the end of it, and this ornament was the first to go on the tree last night. Shari also sent us a coaster, which is under a candle in the living room, and a bookmark with blue embroidered Christmas trees. The bookmark is in the current book I’m reading.  All the gifts were homemade, and what a treat to receive them.

So for the moment,  all is calm, snug, and warm at the little house in the big woods. I am hoping it will stop raining this afternoon, and I can take Liam for a walk in the woods.

This might be hoping for too much, but you know what they say about hope.

More Winter Bite

IMG_7111Another storm is blowing up the East Coast, and the prediction for central Maine is sleet and freezing rain for the next two days. Oh, joy!

It wouldn’t surprise me if we lost our power again, and I am prepared. I’ve stocked up on canned soup, canned beans, bread, and, most important, cookies—Pepperidge Farm shortbread. We have lamp oil, propane tanks for our camp stove, and water in buckets in the basement.

But what a winter we’ve had so far, and it’s not even officially winter yet. Lord! When I was growing up in central Maine, I don’t remember the power going out at the farmhouse in North Vassalboro. I suppose we must have lost power from time to time, but it was not a regular occurrence the way it is now each winter. I think it’s because the nature of winter storms has changed in Maine. When I was young, we got lots of snow, but it was mostly light and fluffy and easy to manage. Now, all too often we get freezing rain or very heavy snow, just perfect for knocking down trees and big branches and power lines.

Onward! And thank goodness for the wood furnace and plenty of wood under cover.

The dog and I went for a walk before the weather got too bad.
The dog and I went for a walk today before the weather got too bad.