Notes From the Hinterland

A Very Maya Weekend - On Saturday and Sunday, Clif and I went to two events to sell our books—Maya and the Book of Everything and The Wave of Time.  A busy weekend but a good one. On Saturday, we set up at the Winthrop Sidewalk Art Festival, which was right in our own little town. How nice it was … Continue reading A Very Maya Weekend
The Generosity of Friends - It’s been quite a week. For starters, I made some absolutely delicious  granola that is so good that I will probably never buy another box of cereal. (We like having cereal on hand, not only for breakfast but also for busy nights when you want something quick to eat.) In the past, I have made … Continue reading The Generosity of Friends
Unexpected Beauty between Cumberland Farms and Rite Aid - Finally, finally the heat broke last week, and no longer do I sweat just sitting at my desk and typing. A good feeling! In fact, today is chilly enough so that I actually have on a sweater as I sit and work. And we have had a few glorious August days, typical for Maine but … Continue reading Unexpected Beauty between Cumberland Farms and Rite Aid
Part Three: Success! - The other day, with a few containers in our bag, we made a trip to the Gardiner Co-op to check out their bulk food section. We wanted  to see how easy it would be to use our own containers. We considered this a scouting trip and only brought a couple of containers. We found that … Continue reading Part Three: Success!
Part Two: It’s Not Easy Being Green - The world is in transition—either burning or flooding. This summer has been especially bad in too many places. Clif and I have decided to take action in our own small way. Being two green beans for a long time, we have always aimed to live lightly, and by American standards, we have a modest lifestyle. … Continue reading Part Two: It’s Not Easy Being Green
Part One: Climate Change Is Here - Today, It was 90° outside, and the air was so heavy that it seemed as though I could feel it press against me. Because of this, I set up a temporary office in our basement—or down cellar, as we would say in Maine. Once we had a family room in part of the basement, but … Continue reading Part One: Climate Change Is Here
Steampunk in Kennebunk - On Saturday, Clif and I headed to southern Maine, to Kennebunk, to set up our wares at a Steampunk Fair sponsored by the Brick Store Museum. The weather was not with us, and it poured midmorning. Fortunately, indoor provisions at the town hall were made for the vendors, and we were dry if a little … Continue reading Steampunk in Kennebunk
Welcome to the Jungle - Hot and humid. Humid and hot. This was the theme of July,  and so far,  August is following suit. Clif and I can only look back wistfully to the days when Maine summers were delightful—not too hot, not too humid. The plants, on the other hand, thrive in the humidity, and my little herb garden, … Continue reading Welcome to the Jungle


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