A Very Happy Mother’s Day

In the United States, yesterday was Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, our eldest daughter Dee is in New York and couldn’t be with us. However, our youngest daughter Shannon and her husband Mike came on Friday and spent the night. Naturally, the dogs came, too, for the early Mother’s Day celebration.

What a treat to have them here. We had Chinese food followed by donuts for dessert. (I am a donut fiend, and I once wrote a piece called “Desperate for Donuts.”)

We spent quite a bit of time on the patio. Luckily, this spring the black flies—those biting scourges of the north—aren’t too bad. A real gift for Mother’s Day. Nothing like having a cloud of bloodthirsty insects swarming around your head to ruin a celebration.

That night, we played a cooperative board game called The Big Book of Madness.

We had a lot of fun with this game.

After playing The Big Book of Madness, we talked late into the night about all the things we love—books, games, movies, and television. It’s wonderful to have Shannon and Mike within driving distance of us. When they lived in North Carolina, we didn’t see them very often.

A sweet, sweet way to celebrate Mother’s Day early.





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    1. Yes, there are Dunkin’ Donuts in my area, but that donut came from Massachusetts, from a bakery near where my daughter and son-in-law live. Excellent donuts!

  1. It great to read you could have such a lovely – and loving – mother’s day celebration πŸ™‚ This is the first in forty-four years that I haven’t had a child visit me: my two sons live abroad now and my daughter is far away in Cape Town. Far from being sad though, they all contacted me during the day – wonderful!

  2. I had a happy Mother’s Day too! One of our daughters lives nearby and it is lovely to have family nice and close on the day.

  3. What a happy Mother’s Day celebration you had, Laurie. A weekend having fun and eating favourite food with the ones we love. What could be better than that πŸ™‚ Sorry Dee couldn’t be with you in person. My elder daughter can’t often be with me on Mother’s Day or my birthday but she always remembers me.

  4. What a fabulous day and love Chinese food and donuts!!! It’s wonderful they live closer for more visits and that you share so many interests. Hate those flies!!!😁

    1. A fabulous day is right! Those ding-dang black flies are a trial, that’s for sure. Nice that they aren’t too bad this year. I would put them in the mild nuisance range. Some years they are so bad that they are in the drive-you-insane range. Good thing they only last for a month.

  5. Biting black flies are a scourge; I’m glad you were able to celebrate without them! Is that pastry on the plate called a donut up there? I know it has another name, but I don’t have a clue what it is — I can’t remember it just now. In any event, it looks delicious: as delicious as the family time you shared.

  6. An idyllic celebration, Laurie … food, company & a game!

    I remember seeing this game on Carol Ann’s page and thinking it looks like good fun … and now, I see it in your space. Hmmmm.

    I do remember you are a fellow donut aficionado – a good bomboloni is such delight! Yours is filled with raspberry cream?

  7. Hi, Laurie – I’ve just reemerged into the blogging world and its wonderful to catch up. Your Mother’s Day sounds lovely. Family, time on the patio, board games, Chinese food and donuts. Seriously, what could be better?

  8. I am hearing more about cooperative games, from families with children, or who are gamers. I’m glad to see that we might be evolving out of the zero-sum game mode of the past 40,000 years (?). If society exists in another 40,000 years, we might make some progress. πŸ˜‰ – Oscar

    1. Those cooperative games are so much fun. Started playing during the pandemic when staying home was the thing. Now, we like them so much, we might even call ourselves gamers.

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