After the Nor’easter

A nasty storm blew across the country, and by the time it hit Maine, the storm had become a nor’easter. Fortunately, central Maine was spared much of the snow and wind damage. Not so for southern and coastal Maine, where the wind blew hard and knocked out power for tens of thousands of folks.

We only got about four inches of snow, and although the lights blacked out once, they came back on, and we didn’t lose our power. Because it is March, the snow was wet and heavy but not hard to clean as there wasn’t that much of it.

Here are some scenes from what we hope will be the last big storm of winter. However, with the way this year has gone, who the heck knows?


Today I came upon Mama’s Broke on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert, and I couldn’t resist sharing this with you. How good Lisa Maria Bates and Amy Lou Keeler are! They combine traditional music with innovative techniques, such as using chopsticks to play the fiddle. Enjoy.


63 thoughts on “After the Nor’easter”

  1. That is a LOT of snow at one time! Glad you stayed safe in the storm and didn’t lose power. Must be miserable, trying to pile on enough clothes and blankets after the electricity goes off!

    1. Never fun to lose power, that’s for sure. But we have a wood furnace in the basement along with a good supply of wood, so we don’t have to worry about being cold.

  2. So glad that you got through this one relatively easily. Let’s hope that is the last ‘big one’ of the year. Equinox is Monday, right? 😉
    Talented women… good share, thanks!

    1. You bet! I like winter, but I also like spring, and I am ready for the snow to go away. Yes, it seems as though the equinox is Monday. Glad you like Mama’s Broke.

  3. Having shared several winters with you, I should have known by now that Nor-easters have nothing to do with the festival. And yet, I still managed to be surprised.

    I am very glad that you escaped the worst of the storms – hopefully you are right and this is the last of them.

  4. The pictures could be from Michigan except your trees are bigger. Funny how no one thinks the weather is crazy when it’s 60 degrees in January. We had an ice storm a few weeks ago the was scariest weather event I’ve experienced. I sat here all night listening to branches cracking like gun shots and hoping they missed they house. I was lucky, no major damage. So glad I trimmed back all my trees.

    The Tiny desk concert was amazing. What a sound they have!

    1. Believe me, when it reached 60 degrees here in January, my husband, my daughter, and I thought it was really, really weird. Especially as it had been 50 below a week or so earlier. Yikes! Ice storms can be terrifying. I’ve been through a bad one, and your description is spot on. Glad to read there was no damage. Also glad you enjoyed the Tiny Desk concert. I find so many gems via Tiny Desk.

  5. Those March storms tend to feel like a smack in the face. There’s this. It won’t be long you’ll be pulling out the patio furniture.

  6. Oh I’m feeling sorry for you all in this constant snow…enough already! Paul and I enjoyed the music, Paul and I have always been fans of Steeleye Span, and nice to see traditional music being brought to a new audience.

    1. Another Steeleye fan! Brilliant, aren’t they, the best ever in my book and notable in their day for also bringing traditional music – with a modern twist! – to new audiences. But the girls in Mama’s Broke are really good too, a great combination of musicianship and haunting vocals. I’ve never come across them before, but will be looking them up.

      1. You too? That’s brilliant, I didn’t realise they’re known across The Pond. How did you come get to find out about them? I saw them perform live around 40 years go, and although the details are a blur I do remember it was a very good night!

      2. When I was in college, I used to go to a coffee house where they played records, and one of the records they played was “Please to See the King.” I was immediately smitten and have been ever since. How wonderful that you saw Steeleye perform live. I am envious. As for concert details, they are often a blur. 😉

      3. The owner / manager of the coffee house clearly had great taste. As I type this I’m listening to the Blacksmith on “Please to See the King” (…”With his hammer in his hand, he looked so clever/And if I were with my love, I would live forever”). Their sound was – and is – extraordinary, and also strangely moving, a window on to a lost world.

    2. Yes, enough already! So glad you enjoyed the music. Right now, I’m listening to Steeleye Span’s “Please to See the King.” I’ve been a fan since my late teens, many, many years ago.

  7. I chuckled at your framing in the second photo. It makes your cute little red car look like a toy. The other thing that brought a smile was remembering a conversation with another blogger about the use of traditional red paint on covered bridges and barns. Among other reasons for the color, one was to make them easier to spot in the snow — a white covered bridge or barn could be hard to spot!

    1. Phew! You got hit harder than we did. You frequently do. I think it must be because you are closer to the coast, which, nowadays, seems to get the brunt of the storms.

  8. Fear not, Spring is on the way. Honest! Thank you for the link to Mama’s Broke; they’re terrific, great musicianship and haunting vocals. I’ll be tracking down some more of their work.

    1. Indeed it is! In Maine, spring always comes in fits and starts. So glad you liked Mama’s Broke. I’ll be listening to them after I finish listening to “Please to See the King.”

  9. I love that fourth photo of snow resting on the branches. I hope this is the last of your storms as well, and that you can welcome the official first day of spring with sun and warmth.

  10. It’s a very weird season already. You made me smile with only ‘four inches of snow’. We’d think of that as an excuse for a snowman party. It all looks very beautiful.

  11. I love snow – as long as I am going for a walk and it isn’t icy (so no risk of landing on my bum!) or I am sitting inside warm and cosy looking at it. I am ready for spring too.

    1. No two ways about it—winter can be very slippery and care is needed. Much as I love winter, I am ready for spring. I love each season and the changes that come with them.

  12. I understand that you are ready to be done with snow, but I envy you the wet, heavy snow with all its moisture. Too bad nobody ever gets just the right amount of precipitation–it’s either too little or too much.

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