A Clarification about the Contest

A blogging friend just sent me a note letting me know that the comments section is closed on my October 3 post—October Delights and a Contest. (This is to win a copy of my upcoming book Of Time and Magic. I will also be giving away three calendars that feature a map—designed by my husband Clif—of the Great Library and its surrounds.)

A few years ago, Clif set the comments section on posts to close after a couple of weeks. I was getting slammed with spam, and limiting the comments section for two weeks really helped with that.

However, the two-week window for commenting makes entering the contest a little difficult for readers who are catching up on Hinterlands posts. But never fear! Readers can enter the contest via a comment on any post.

So don’t be shy! If you haven’t entered the contest but would like to, you can let me know in the comments section on this post and on any post going forward.

The contest ends in a little under two weeks, on November 5.

Good luck!

23 thoughts on “A Clarification about the Contest”

  1. I wonder a lot whether other WP bloggers get a lot of spam. I have to be so careful. Blocking specific addresses in “Discussion” only does so much.

  2. Akismet traps almost all my spam, plus I hold any comment that includes a link and all first comments for approval. The only problem I have with Akismet is that it sometimes blocks real bloggers too, but it’s rare.

    I wonder if it worth adding a line to this, explaining the competition? I have already entered.

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