Too Darned Hot

For the past four or five days, the temperatures have been 90°F and very humid. With the heat index, it has felt closer to 100°F. Too darned hot. Is this really Maine in August?

It seems that it is.

This heat has knocked the stuffing out of me. (A Facebook friend described it as feeling depleted. Yes.) Our little air conditioner, whom we’ve named Eva, is simply not up to the task of keeping our home cool. The best we get with her is 80°. Better than 90°, I know, but not much of a relief. Strange to think that until a few years ago, we didn’t even need an air conditioner in our home in the woods. An attic fan did the trick.

But there have been a couple of bright spots.

Unlike me, the container plants seem to thrive in this heat and humidity.  I have never had such a burst of impatiens on my front steps.

The begonias look pretty darned good, too.

Then there are the tomatoes, “the jungle” as we call it. Lots of green tomatoes and enough ripe ones for a sandwich or a wrap at lunch.

Also, on Saturday, we had a visit from Shannon and Mike.

Along with their dogs, who were thrilled to see us, Shannon and Mike brought donuts—fresh, thick, and perfectly fried. I’m a fiend for donuts—I once wrote an essay called “Desperate for Donuts”— and these were oh so good. The half-donut in the picture  is the result of me not being able to wait and grabbing half before we had our lunch.

For readers in or near Tewksbury, Massachusetts, those delectable donuts came from Donna’s Donuts.

This week, the heat is supposed to break, and we’ve even been promised night temps in the lower 60s. Oh, yes, please! This Mainer really doesn’t like the temperature to go much above 80°, and my happy place is between 65° and 70°.

Well, I’ll have to adapt to this warming world. Soon Clif and I will be checking into heat pumps, which cool as well as provide heat.

Until then…

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  1. Lots of sympathy, we are about to enter our second burst of over 90 degree heat this summer. so we know how horrid it is. Your garden has done splendidly though, you must be pleased.

  2. Yes, our summers sure are a-changing and we must adapt. I am hoping to make it until Wed. and the cooler temps. 😉
    Your plants look great, add water and heat and they go gang-busters!
    The sight of those donuts made me groan, they look so good!

    1. The donuts were good, and Shannon and Mike will bring some whenever they come for a visit, usually once a month.

      Yes, we must adapt, but we must also do what can—as individuals and countries—to stop things from getting worse. But I know I’m preaching to the choir with you.

  3. Annoyingly hot here in the Philly burbs too. At 8:45 AM today I went for a walk. The temperature was bearable (80 degrees). Right now at 2:15 PM the temp is bad news, though. 92 degrees. I’m looking forward to autumn.

  4. Laurie, I’m right there with you: this heat and humidity have been awful! Normally, we get a cold front, which chills things down for a few days, but not this summer. The temps are way into the 80s or 90s, with matching humidity. Not at all good for a long-haired Sheltie!

  5. Our plants and flowers are loving the heat, too (we have a “feels like” temperature of about 109°F right now). I hope it cools off for you soon. I’m not a fan of the heat pump (we’re on our third for this house and only been here 9 years), especially in the winter months. It doesn’t really heat well. That said, I’ve heard they’re making better versions lately.

      1. I’m not sure I want to even think about that. It’s one of the reasons I don’t want to stay here after M retires. Better to go north, I think.

  6. Your flowers and tomatoes look fabulous Laurie! Here’s hoping the cooler weather will be with you soon and we wish you more comfortable days ahead 💚 xxx

    1. It’s just wrong, isn’t it? Time was, our heat spells consisted of a few days of 80 or 85 degree weather the end of July. And that was it. Alas, times have changed.

  7. Meanwhile…we are heading into what the forecast is predicting will be the coldest week of the year…9C daytime temperatures 🙂

    Your flowers are looking great though.

  8. Believe me, as an Englishwoman who has gradually moved to the subtropics, I am very tired of this Texas summer. Glad you got your donuts; you can have mine too. Can you believe I don’t care for them? Strange, I know. I do love ice cream, though.

  9. We still don’t need an air-conditioner, Laurie, but I don’t know for how many more years that will last. I’m glad a break in the heat is on its way to Maine. And your flowers are gorgeous. They’re loving it indeed. Beautiful.

  10. Sorry to hear about your heat. I hope the predicted cool-down will arrive soon. I’m afraid all of us will have to try to readjust to a new “normal” as best as possible. 😦

  11. I just couldn’t post today because ‘all’ I could think about was the heat and humidity. We’ve been ‘feels like’ over 100 for days on end. When I walk outside in the morning to do some work, it’s like I’m walking into a swamp. It ‘felt like’ 107 today. I had to quit after 2.5 hours because I was literally soaked and out of gas. We have A/C, but with our rates going up 111%, we’ve had to adjust the thermostat up a little. Bottom line – it’s wicked hot, humid, and dry for NH and ME. Your flowers do look good though. 🙂

    1. Too hot, too hot! But in Maine, the temp dropped 30 degrees last night, and we are now in mid-60s. I am in my glory. Hope there was a similar drop for you.

  12. I’m so ready for fall – it’s super hot here (further south from Maine) in the NE. I hear there’s to be a break in the heat on Wednesday – I’ll take it!

  13. They use heat pumps in Alabama instead of furnaces. I don’t understand them though both brothers and my husband have tried to explain them to me. I think we have to accept that we are in serious trouble over climate change. Sometimes I’m glad I’m 66 years old. And that I don’t have kids. But that’s another blog post. Your flowers are beautiful! But I agree. It’s too darn hot.

    1. Yes, we have to accept that we are serious trouble and do our best as individuals and nations to try to stop the situation from getting worst. I can take at least a little hope from the recent bill passed in the Senate. It’s not as much as we might like, but it’s not nothing.

  14. Judging from the comments, I imagine any change in the temperature one is used to is difficult to cope with. We are looking forward to the end of winter, just as some of your readers are hoping for some relief in autumn. Whatever the weather (it is the humidity that makes us feel uncomfortable), your garden is looking absolutely beautiful!

    1. It is only recently that Mainers have had to cope with extreme heat. Back in the day, when I was young, we would have a few days of 85 degree weather at the end of July. And that was our heat wave. Alas, times have changed.

  15. Your garden looks so bright and joyful, bursting with life.
    We are in drought conditions here in the South of England, the heat certainly zaps my energy.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, the extreme heat is draining. But last night it broke. We even got a bit of rain, and the temp is now in the high 60s. Perfect!

  16. Wow – your flowers are thriving in this weather! Your tomatoes look great – the hornworms have set in on ours and it’s a never ending battle to pick them off and feed them to the chickens. Grrr… Those donuts! Yum!

    1. Funny you should mention hornworms. Right after I took that picture, guess what I discovered? I’ve plucked ten of the dratted creatures from four plants. Will keep checking to see if I’ve missed any, which I probably have. Mine go into a jar of soapy water as I don’t have chickens.

      1. I am sorry that you also have those hornworms!! They’re so gross. I’m glad you have an effective way of getting rid of them!

  17. Sorry to read about your dreadful weather… I’m not looking forward to summer … spring and autumn days are the best in Canberra. One positive thing is happening here, we have a new government that is very focused on climate change… hallelujah! 🤞

    1. Yay for the new government! It’s past time that we take climate change seriously. The United States has certainly dragged its heels, but recently the Senate has passed a bill that will do much to help the environment. The House is expected to pass it, too. The bill is not as good as we progressives would like, but it sure is better than nothing.

  18. Your flowers are just gorgeous; that red and white combination is particularly nice. I did remember something when I spotted those doughnuts. I’m just not fond of blue food. I’ll have one of those glazed chocolates in the back, thank you!

  19. Oh my…now I want a donut. Those look scrumptious, and like you, I’m a fan of the good ones. We must have similar taste buds, as I believe we both love See’s Candy as well. Your garden looks lovely, Laurie, with all that lush green splendor. I’m with you though on the heat and humidity. I prefer low humidity and about 72 degrees. We lived in this house for over 15 years without AC. We finally added it, at great expense, a few years ago because the heat is hotter and last longer and longer. It’s brutal. It’s nice to read your post. I miss “this place” when life intervenes.

    1. I think we do have similar tastes. And similar preferred temperatures. I think AC is becoming a necessity for many parts of the country and the world. Never thought we would need it here in our house on the edge of the woods.

  20. Goodness! you could very well be in Singapore?!!!
    I am a fiend for donuts too … and now that I’ve seen yours, I feel a strong urge to go out and get some. This is one goodie I don’t make well because I don’t like to deepfry (too hot & humid – I know you will understand) and their baked cousins don’t satisfy the craving well enough. But I’ve already had pound cake with cream cheese for breakfast, so maybe I will save it for another day!!!

    1. Oh, I know! What weather. I’d rather buy donuts, too, for the same reason as you described. Really don’t enjoy deep frying. And you are so right about the baked cousins. They just don’t satisfying the craving.

  21. I don’t like the heat, but I don’t like the cold either. Complaining about it makes me feel ungrateful. On the other hand I do enjoy complaining. Life is just so hard!

      1. I’m pretty much in the same boat. Too bad there aren’t portals that make travel a snap. Of course, we wouldn’t want to be whisked to a different time, would we?

      2. I would only travel to times with anti-biotics and decent dentists. Don’t mind being dismembered in a temporal vortex or arrested by a mad Emperor but I couldn’t cope with toothache. 🙂

  22. I sympathise totally. The UK’s second heatwave this summer has just kicked in, and it’s truly miserable. Roll on, winter, but until then enjoy the donuts!

  23. We are having similar temperatures here in the UK – It hit 40deg C in SE England a couple of weeks back but slightly cooler here. Like you I struggle with it. I hope it breaks for you soon. I went to visit Mrs Snail in her shop last week and it has become a tradition that I buy doughn outs from the bakery next door when I go. Yummy!

    1. So sorry that you’re having to endure this awful heat. On Monday, the heat broke and the temps have been in the 70s, much, much better. What a great tradition you have when you go visit Mrs. Snail in her shop.

  24. Beautiful flowers! A small but mighty consolation for such hot, sticky weather. I love the photo of Shannon & Mike and the yummy donuts. Personally, I think you exercised considerable restraint!

  25. Love donuts and the burst of wonderful color on your steps!!🙂 We had the same weather last week and it was awful!!! We also had storms mixed in and lost power for a day. Luckily we have a great 10 day forecast and while it’s not my preferred 55-65 degrees, it’s going to be our best weather of the summer.🙂

  26. Your bitten doughnut made me laugh out loud, so I had to try to explain to my sweetheart what was so funny. I’m sorry you are experiencing such heat, although your flowers do look lovely as a result of their doughnut-pack-style treat of solar radiation. It’s hot here too (90 today, 86 tomorrow) and I’m still at the cheap desk fan stage of house cooling. Drought has just been declared over much of the south. Such a pity we can’t store the excess heat and use it to get through the winter.

    1. I was teased about not being able to wait until after lunch for a bite of donut. But I do love them so, and I don’t have them very often. 😉 The horrid heat has passed here, and I hope the same is true for your area. Alas, the drought continues in Maine. We sure do need rain.

  27. Wow your flower containers are so beautiful. Our summer is cold and wet. Our garden had seen a better season last year. Such is life.

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