The Dog Days of Summer

For the past few days, we have hosted two canine visitors:


and Somara.

They are staying with us while our daughter Shannon and our son-in-law Mike vacation in Ireland. Our backyard—about a half acre—is fenced in, which gives the dogs plenty of space to romp and sniff while we relax on the patio.

Even though both Holly and Somara are ten years old and fairly sedate, they certainly have put a merry spin on things. Dogs do that, and it’s one of the things I love about them. Cats, on the other hand, have a more zen-like cool, and I love that, too.

Our own little Miss Watson is not impressed with the canine visitors, and she has made herself scarce while the dogs are here. I tell her that in a few days, Holly and Somara will be back with Shannon and Mike. Miss Watson just looks at me, indicating that she will believe it when she sees it.


The gardens are lush and green, despite the lack of rain. While much of the country swelters, we have had what my friend Claire calls an old-fashioned summer in Maine. Warm, but not too hot, and for the most part not too humid. I feel so sorry for the folks in this country and around the world who must deal with extreme heat. I hope cooler weather comes to them soon.

Here are some pictures of what’s blooming in my yard.

Daylilies, aglow.

A closer look.

Hostas, whose leaves are being munched on by slugs and snails.

Finally, a procession of blooms going up our front steps.

Summer, beautiful summer.

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  1. Beautiful day lily cultivar! Summer is so lovely in the garden.
    Up until recently, I’ve been happy the weather has been just like what we remembered it to be. Looks like our good fortune is heading for a turn. Hot, humid and showers here now. Happy for the rain!

  2. Your flowers are luscious, but I laughed aloud at your photo of your kitty. A friend currently is keeping a relative’s dog during a similar vacation, and when the dog appears, the cat disappears. She hasn’t been out from under my friend’s bed for a week, but I’m sure if we could see her face, she’d have that same look of determined resignation.

  3. Your photos are proof that staycations are worth our consideration. You are surrounded by natural beauty, appreciative animals (well, except maybe Miss Watson), and a noticeable lack of crowds and noise.
    I hope you will keep enjoying your summer.

  4. Summer has been beautiful, but we’ve had some wicked humidity. Glad you are avoiding it. Hope their travel and their time in Ireland goes well. We loved Ireland, but that was a few years ago when traveling was a little easier. Enjoy the pups!

  5. What a lovely show of flowers you have! I like the pots going up your steps and those day lilies are very beautiful. At least Miss Watson looks as though she is retaining her dignity.

  6. So lovely to see the dogs Laurie and the expression on Little Miss Watson’s face is priceless! Your garden is looking glorious and here’s hoping you’ll continue to have a fine old fashioned Maine Summer ๐ŸŒป

  7. What good fortune that you have a fenced area for the dogs. You could not have coaxed a better look on Miss Watson’s face.

  8. I’m glad you have such a great place to have dogs visit! But your kitty is beautiful, and she will be glad when she has you to herself again. The lilies are beautiful too!

  9. Oh so nice to see your visiting dogs as I opened your post this morning…we are looking after our daughter’s dog this week, a dog can set you into a spin, but I love the way Charlie greets us every morning as if we have been away for a long long time and it is so exciting to see us. They are very good at keeping us ”in the now”.
    Your garden is looking lovely.

  10. Those dogs are cute, but Miss Watson is even cuter ๐Ÿ˜บ. She will forgive you (eventually!) for allowing the canine invasion! Your hostas have survived much better than mine … maybe American snails have smaller appetites than their UK cousins?

  11. I am glad you are enjoying having doggie friends for a few days. And I am envying you your lack of heat and the lushness of your garden. We have had exceptionally hot dry weather recently. I thought it was breaking today – a couple of rumbles of thunder and it styarted to rain but it only lasted a few minutes.

    1. Darn! Hope you get rain soon. Alas, our lovely weather was chased away by high heat and humidity. Did get an inch and half of rain the other day. Yay!

      1. It rained all yesterday and is set in for the day again today. The water butts are filling nicely.

  12. Dogs, big lolloping things always wanting attention. They fit in with modern life – all the rush and “look at me” lifestyle bloggers. Cats, on the other hand, keep themselves to themselves and have a rich inner life. I’d like to be a cat. I’d also like your day lilies.

  13. I’m glad you have had chance to dog-sit. They both seem very suited in their holiday destination. They daylilies look splendid and I was wondering what the pale blue flowers are in the aglow picture. Possibly some form of campanula(?)

  14. We’ve been very cool here in Oregon too, Laurie. I feel for those people dealing with such extreme heat. Your garden is positively “glowing!” How beautiful. And Miss Watson certainly does look a little perturbed by the house guests. So funny! Enjoy your summer days.

  15. How wonderful the dogs are enjoying a great visit in your beautiful yard and so envious of your daughterโ€™s trip!!๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the stunning daylily, beautiful flower pots and the gorgeous Miss Watson!! I feel I canโ€™t complain about our weather after watching how bad itโ€™s been around the world this week, but Iโ€™m so over this hot humid summer.๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Your garden is so lovely. It’s nice to see daylilies again (ours were finished a few weeks ago and they didn’t last long). Your words about and image of Miss Watson sums up cats pretty well (they are usually not impressed and don’t believe it until they see it…lol!). Enjoy your old-fashioned summer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. A vacation in Ireland sounds positively grand, Laurie (but so does having two big doggins to love on while the kids are away!) Your garden is so pretty — I love those red and white potted beauties lining the stairway!

  18. I’m quite envious of your beautiful garden without having to water! Daylilies give so much bang for your buck, and yours look super!

  19. It was so good of you to take in Holly & Somara, although Miss Watson looks like she disagrees.

    I looked up “dog days of summer” as it tickled me: of course it has to do with the stars, but I really like the image of dogs panting on the asphalt on account of the heat!

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