A Wee Break

The time has come to take a wee break from blogging. Between finishing Of Time and Magic and spring gardening, I don’t have much energy for anything else.

Two days ago, I crested 100,000 words, and today I’ll begin the chapter I’ve been heading toward since Book One, Maya and the Book of Everything.

Thanks to Mick Herron and his excellent Slow Horses, I’ve figured out how to structure the end of Of Time and Magic. I love the Slow Horses television series, which features the great and good Kristen Scott Thomas and Gary Oldman. I love the book even more—good writing, vivid characters, cracking plot. I highly recommend both the TV series and the book.

So goodbye for a week or two. I’ll miss reading your posts, but, as the saying goes, needs must.

Here’s a parting shot of a hyacinth that my mother-in-law planted thirty-seven years ago. My mother-in-law has been gone for seventeen years, but I’m still enjoying the flower’s spring beauty.

32 thoughts on “A Wee Break”

  1. Wow – the garden legacy of your MIL was a delight Oder today!
    Happy writing, Laurie and I just added slow horses to my list (along with Buster – another blogger suggested )

  2. Best wishes on the book! How exciting!! And I love the flower that your mother-in-law planted…what a lovely remembrance of her! See you in a bit!

  3. Enjoy your blogging break, Laurie. We’ll miss you, but you’re going to be so busy finishing that book and working in your garden that you won’t have time to miss us, ha! Hang in there.

  4. I went immediately to search where I could watch slow horses, but I don’t get Apple TV. I love your Hyacinth and the history behind it. When that plant starts poking through the soil, I bet the smiles begin. I hope your have a good time and great success with your final chapter.

    1. Here are couple of options for watching “Slow Horses”: Often, streaming services offer a free trail. If Apple does, you could watch the six episodes—if you’re anything like us, you’ll blaze through them—and then cancel. Also, I expect that eventually “Slow Horses” will come out on DVD and then be available through your state’s interlibrary loan system, if your library doesn’t have it. Good luck!

  5. I will look forward to your return and am delighted to know you have decided how to end the book. Don’t work TOO hard and take time to enjoy your garden.

  6. I wish you peace, recovery and quietude. Our flowers will be blooming whenever your “bee” buzzes back to us. You are setting a good example, Laurie. I’m sending you lots of writing love.

  7. It seems that the time is right for a break, Laurie. I’ve seen a bunch of “break” posts today. Best of luck finishing up your book and have fun in the garden. Enjoy your break. πŸ™‚

  8. Very wise to take a break in the circumstances and great news you have the idea of an ending you’re happy with. I hope you’re enjoying wrapping things up and have plenty of peace and quiet to do it in.

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