Saturday in the Park

On Saturday, Clif, Dee, and I headed south of the border—to Massachusetts. For many Mainers, our border is the Piscataqua  river that flows between Maine and New Hampshire and the imposing eponymous bridge that spans that river. This bridge is the primary way out of Maine for points south, and it gives the state the feeling of being an island. Silly, I know, but that’s how it always seems to me when I leave or return to Maine.

The Piscataqua River Bridge. Photo taken by Doug Kerr.

Across the bridge we went, through a sliver of New Hampshire and then to Massachusetts where our daughter Shannon and her husband Mike live. Shannon’s birthday was on Friday—Earth Day—and how wonderful it was to be able celebrate her birthday in person. (For the past six years, when Shannon and Mike lived in North Carolina, birthdays were celebrated from afar.)

Saturday was a lovely warm spring day, and for the birthday celebration, we headed to a pretty park in a nearby town.

We set up our chairs and enjoyed the fine weather. Here is a picture of Shannon and Mike. In the background, you can see the fringe of spring green on the tree to the left of Shannon.

We got take-out from Bartlet Street, a nearby restaurant that caters to meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans. Truly, there was something for everyone.

Dee ordered a bagel with roasted chickpeas and mashed avocado. Quite a feast! I could have a bite of that right now.

As we ate and talked, people and dogs came to the park. A little boy ran in delight, touching and counting rocks and benches. Dogs on leashes sniffed and trotted across the green grass.  A group of young friends, laughing and happy, brought a blanket and had a picnic. Particularly touching was when a couple came with their senior dog, a yellow lab, who was lame with arthritis. They had ramp to make it easier for the dog to get in and out of their vehicle. A much-needed example of how we humans can be kind and thoughtful.

After lunch, we saluted Shannon with cupcakes. Happy, happy birthday!

In honor of this sweet day, here is a song that no doubt many of you will remember.

72 thoughts on “Saturday in the Park”

  1. Isn’t it glorious to be able to be with our families in person! The day seems to have been perfect for a birthday celebration.

  2. Happy belated birthday to Shannon. It looks like a nice day for a trip south of the border. Lol. And that lunch does look rather yummy. Thanks for the fun share, Laurie. 😀

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter — how grand, celebrating once again in person! And I love the story about the senior pup and its ramp. You’re so right, Laurie — we can be kind to one another, if we’ll just take the time to do so.

  4. There is nothing quite like being with your family again, especially on your daughter’s birthday. The park looks lovely and such a great place to have a relaxed birthday party. Covid has certainly made us all appreciate every event in our lives, I feel that way when I’m with family and friends.

  5. That looks a wonderful day out and how fantastic to get the whole family together in glorious spring sunshine. And with a take-out picnic no-one had to prepare food or wash up. Fabulous!

  6. That song was playing in my mind as soon as I read your title. I wondered if you had made a conscious reference, and sure enough, you had! It looks like a wonderful day, and the food looks scrumptious. I did notice one difference between your world and mine. No one in their right mind would spread a blanket for a picnic here; the fire ants would arrive in a nanosecond and wreak their particular sort of havoc!

  7. Great post, Laurie! I was singing that song to myself even before I clicked the link. What a joy to be able to visit Shannon for her birthday.

  8. Laurie, from your photo above I can see why Maine feels like an island. It’s so pretty there. I can feel your joy at the delights of the day. All the ingredients were there: friends, family, nature, good food, kindness, and animals. Perfection.

  9. Happy Birthday Shannon!
    What a lovely picnic celebration – such perfect weather for it! And that chickpea laden bagel …. yum ….

  10. What a lovely day in the park. You capture the sights, sounds and people so beautifully. And I love the image of Maine as an island. Thanks for sharing it. Happy Birthday, Shannon, and happy family time!

  11. It is wonderful that Shannon is now living within an easy drive. And, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of crossing the Piscataqua bridge on the way home.

  12. Another lovely family day to remember. I could happily join you in having a roasted chickpeas and mashed avocado bagel, although it’s not a combination I’ve heard of before.

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