The Return of Snow-Gauge Clif

March 1 might be meteorological Spring in the northern hemisphere, but in Maine true Spring doesn’tΒ  come until April. And it isn’t until May that Spring, in a froth of blossoms, really kicks up her heels.

Unfortunately, March in Maine begins in snow and ends in mud. March always feels like a kind of purgatory, an in-between time that seems to last more than its thirty-one days.

However, there are some bright spots in this miserable month. One of them is the return of Snow-Gauge Clif, who, with his trusty yardstick—or snow gauge as readers have dubbed it—makes his appearance the first Monday of March. Then each Monday, until the snow has gone away, Clif is out in the yard, measuring the ebbing snow. (When you live in Maine, north of north, such activities are wicked exciting as we Mainers would say.)

So drum roll, please! Here is Snow-Gauge Clif’s first 2022 appearance.

In the front yard the snow depth is 14 inches.

In the backyard, where the snow depth is also 14 inches. As you can see, Clif takes this noble job very seriously.

How long will it take for the snow to leave our yard? We always hope it will be gone by April 22, our youngest daughter’s birthday as well as Earth Day. But we shall see.

Let the melting begin!






63 thoughts on “The Return of Snow-Gauge Clif”

  1. I love your stories about snow! We rarely get any here and when it comes it harsly ever sticks.

  2. Lovely to see Clif! I would happily send you some of our heat, It is half past eight in the evening and the temperature has only dropped to 19 degrees C: another night with just a sheet between me and the mosquitoes πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. I used to swim on my birthday, April 16, when I was a kid growing up on a lake. Most years anyway. If it was cold, rainy or snowing I didn’t go, but if it was a nice day, I get in, gasp at the cold, maybe swim around a tiny bit and get the heck out! πŸ™‚ I hope your snow is gone by mid-April too!

    1. Yearly snowfall averages for this area is 65 inches, and the beginning of March is an extension of February. This year we have more rain this winter, and the amount of snow seems to lower than usual. I will keep my eye out for official measurements. Could find any when I searched online, but it might be too early.

  4. You are true, sturdy Maine-iacs! So good about putting up with the snow….I love snow right up til mid February, but now I am soooooo done. After the past days rain, almost all snow is gone here. Hoping for just rain from now on!

    1. Truth be told, I am ready for the snow to be gone. I have been daydreaming about gardening. But this is Maine, and I know we have a while to go.

  5. I was waiting for Clif’s Snow Gauge to make its appearance this 2022.
    Sending you WARM wishes that your snow melts soon. Our grass is currently lush green on Vancouver Island…but that does not mean that snow won’t come again just to mess with our minds! πŸ˜€

  6. I didn’t quite understand how this works. I didn’t realize that Clif begins measuring on March 1 — but what a pleasure it will be to follow the melt with you two!

    1. It has been one weird winter in northern New England. The temperatures have veered wildly. I’ve never seen anything like it. I seem to be writing that a lot lately.

  7. “Wicked exciting,” indeed! Perhaps you can run a contest, letting us guess when the big snows will finally melt!

  8. Hurray for Snow Gauge Clif!
    My goodness! 14 inches on your front yard …. that’s longer than a standard ruler (ours is 12 inches) … I am pondering how cold it must still be for all that snow to just sit. And Clif doesn’t even have a coat on!???!!

    1. Our rulers are 12 inches long, too. The temps usually range from 10 to a high of 40 Fahrenheit. As for Clif wearing a coat…that is a coat, albeit a fall/spring coat. I think the temp got up to 45 that day. For a Mainer in winter, that is wicked warm. πŸ˜‰

  9. You’ve made me wonder what the maximum height snow gauge Clif has recorded. An estimate would do! It always seems amazing to see how persistent your snow is. Ours rarely lasts much longer than a week, and where my sweetheart lives, it’s rarely longer than a day. I am torn as you will be: I kind of hope it melts earlier than usual because I know it is getting a bit much by mid-April, but kind of hope the norms prevail too.

    1. I have to admit that until this year, we’ve never actually measured the snow. Clif just stood there with his snow gauge to give a visual sense of how much snow there was. This year, I decided to rectify this. I’m guessing that in the past, we’ve had as much as three feet of snow. I’m thinking of including pictures from past Marches so that people can see the how much snow we’ve had.

  10. 14 inches still on the ground! Thanks for showing us life “north of north”! I also love your beautiful image of May, when “Spring, in a froth of blossoms, really kicks up her heels.” I look forward to seeing her swinging skirts through your eyes!

  11. Ah, good to see Snow Gauge Cliff back in action! Hoping it’s a quick melt with not too much mud this year, Laurie. The bluebirds on your header photo are gorgeous. They are my absolute favorite bird.

  12. 14 inches of snow in March and the month is yet young. We only had a couple of inches so far this year, and none of it stayed around. Relatives in NW NJ are having more snow again today. Their weather has been oscillating wildly.

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