44 thoughts on “Frog in the Snow”

  1. When I read your title, I thought you’d found a *real* frog in the snow! Very clever, Laurie. He looks like he’s enjoying the white stuff.

  2. Guess winter is still around. Linda sent photos of snow drops, crocuses and another yellow flower we forgot the name of blooming today around our place. Hey, between two naps, three trips to the pot, two laps around the home, and lunch, I managed to write up my review of β€œOut of Time”.. When do I get my signed copy of ????? Title please?????? -OscarπŸ“š

    1. Winter is still here, in fits and starts. Yesterday it was warm and muddy. Today, cold and frozen. What a weird winter it has been. Thank you so much for the lovely review. Book Four—the working title is “Of Time and Magic”—is about 2/3 done. It will probably come out in early 2023. Alas, the pandemic and other projects have slowed me down.

  3. It was 17 degrees here one morning, 24 the next and 20 this morning. The late winter season has been a roller coaster ride!

    The garden frog ornament looks like he is working hard to keep himself above the snow. I am not sure he is smiling or grimacing πŸ™‚

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