68 thoughts on “Outside My Window: Icicles on Shrubs”

  1. Down here, when a freeze is on the way, people hose down their shrubs to give them a coating of ice that helps to protect them. You don’t have to go to that effort — Nature does it for you!

    1. It’s crazy how the temps have been fluctuating so much. And blogging friends in other parts of the country have written that it’s the same where they live.

      1. yep. Today we started out at 40 something, then moved down to 28 by 1, and snow and already we have a couple inches…covering grass that was just surfacing after the last snow.

  2. Beautiful. Haven’t seen icicles like that since our Big Freeze a year ago. Meanwhile, down here in Texas, it’s 60, very windy, and supposed to go down to 28 tomorrow night. It keeps your head spinning (not to mention many changes of clothes).

    1. This weather is yo-yoing in many places. In our area the weather is now so warm that the icicles have melted. Weird for Maine in February, that’s for sure.

      1. We have just had a really bad storm – Storm Eunice – which has caused a lot of damage in some places. A very rare red warning for wind was in place from the Met Office and my house insurers sent me my policy number and instructions on how to claim just in case! Luckily he only damage here was one tree blown down and it missed everything important. Weird weather indeed.

      1. We are headed into some really cold overnight lows for here this week. We had a 73 degree day last week, and this week we will see 10 or 11 degrees by Wednesday morning.

  3. There, I have caught up with you again, Laurie! You have had quite the cold and snow back east. The weather has been like a roller coaster here. It got up to 73 here the other day! Now it is back in the 40s, with mists and rain again.

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