57 thoughts on “Snow Path to the Front Door”

      1. During the summer we mainly use our side door or back door because the White-rumped Swifts nesting above our front door both make an awful mess and dive bomb us.

  1. Laurie, I’m delighted to see that somebody else shovels snow paths! I have to in our back yard, of course, for little Monkey, but our summer lawn care guys do the heavy lifting in the front. That’s a LOT of the white stuff!

  2. That’s what winter’s supposed to look like! I love the soft curves of the heaped-up snow. It looks as though you might have shoveled or snow-blowed, and then a bit more snow smoothed things out. It’s lovely!

  3. Facebook recently reminded me of a very snowy day when we lived in Copenhagen…to be honest I really don’t miss that weather! Have you gone out and measured how deep it is?

  4. Whaere is the snowman? And have you had a snowball fight with Cliff yet? Maybe clearing the path was enough snow for you both! It looks beautiful.

    1. Yes, winter, for me, is a time to tuck in and be cozy. Lucky me in that many of things I like to do are perfect for this time of year—reading, writing, watching television series and movies, playing board games. All made for winter.

    1. In places with a lot of snow—such as Maine—the state and towns are on it when it comes to snow removal. On the day of a big storm, most everything is closed. However, the next day, it’s business as usual. The roads are plowed, driveways are cleaned, and onward we go.

      1. Wow ! If we have less than an inch of snow it is total chaos here on the roads, on the highways and main roads they start throwing salt before they expect snowfall but it doesn’t always help.

      2. The same thing happens in parts of the United States that don’t get much snow. However, Maine is the land of snow in the winter, and we are used to dealing with a lot of that white stuff. Normal for us. 😉

      3. Same in Europe, Austria and Switserland, (and others who get lots of snow)known for skiing, have all the equipment for removing snow as they get lots of tourists. If you need those snowploughs just once in 10 or 15 years they are too expensive to buy.

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