46 thoughts on “Arbor Embrace”

  1. So lovely to see intricate branches against the perfect blue sky with white clouds. (Its a sky kindergarteners like to draw and color.)
    A magical tree hug in a beautiful photo!

  2. Your sky is so BLUE — it’s gorgeous! We haven’t had much sunshine of late, and I miss it. You’re right: these trees look like their arms are open to the world.

    1. That day was a fine January day, that’s for sure. However, we’ve had our share of gray days, too. But I’ll take that brilliant blue whenever the weather allows.

  3. When I looked at this earlier, I missed what those trees were up to. What a delightful image, and what a pleasing thought, that they’re enjoying the day together.

      1. I’ve learned a while back that great photographers can see what we all glance over, and capture what we can then seen (in their photographs) is a wonderful sight. Thank you for capturing it for the rest of us!

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