54 thoughts on “Maranacook Lake in Early Winter”

  1. Wow! lovely shots and what a message. Here they mention about “not to ski” 😊 Our snow is disapperaring quicky. Extreme weather warning issued in weatern Norway. The storm is names “Gyda”.

  2. Is what looks like a hole in the top picture made for swimming? I have read that people do swim in icy water – I prefer my swimming pool!

  3. There was a piece on NPR this morning about Lake Superior surfers. Apparently the best surf on Lake Superior accompanies blizzards! Even with 10 ml wetsuits I imagine they are popsicles.

  4. That sign is a bit like the speed limit signs on I-95 south. Ain’t going to happen. I assume that is a little ice fishing shack out there. Not something that has ever seemed attractive to me, but…I can understand the appeal.

  5. Ice fishing – yeah! I’m guessing it’s plenty cold to keep the ice solid right now. Did you by chance see Denise’s Fernwood Nursery post on Instagram where they were towing a fish shanty on what looked like skis. I loved it!

    1. It’s been up and down. Fairly warm followed by quite cold. Strange, strange weather. I don’t follow people on Instagram. Same with Twitter. Nothing against either them, simply a matter of time. Sounds like a great picture, though.

    1. In my younger days, when my knees were stronger, I used to walk, skate, and ski across lakes and ponds during the deep freeze. Once I walk to a friend’s house, miles away by car, not far by ice.

    1. With my creaky knees, I wouldn’t attempt it. But in my younger days I used to skate and walk across ponds and lake when the deep freeze came. A beautiful experience but a little spooky as the ice rumble and creaks.

  6. I started laughing as soon as I saw that sign. It’s wonderful. It was fun to see the photo of the first fishing shack, too. Did you read about the Wisconsin ice fishermen who had to be rescued when their ice broke away and started leaving the shore? Winter offers a number of opportunities for new experiences!

  7. Looks a little too cold for swimming. 😉 I love the juxtaposition of the weather and the sign. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen an ice shanty on a lake.

  8. Scrolling through the comments to see if anyone talked about the little hut on the lake – it’s called an ice shanty? Is it big enough for one? two? For fishing?

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