46 thoughts on “Head above the Snow”

  1. A Winter wonderland. Ours is still grey and dull. We recently had a “heat wave” with temps during the day of about 15 CĀ° in the middle of Winter when they usually are 5CĀ° or less.

      1. The change is everywhere, one way I like it but on the other hand it is scary. When you see the ice on the north pole melthing fast…..it is scary.

  2. My library doesn’t have “The Path” so I ordered it on Amazon. It sounds like something I would very much enjoy reading! (Right now I’m reading Fiona Hill’s book, and Bill Bryson’s “The Body.”) Stay warm. It’s about 70F here, but it’ll go back below freezing soon.

  3. We had some snow here, but it was only a few inches and only lasted a few days. It is only mid winter though, and sometimes we have been surprised in April!

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