58 thoughts on “Christmas Inside and Out”

  1. Ooh, you’ve got into the Christmas spirit nice and early. I usually put up my decs about a week before the big day but I think you folks across the pond might start earlier as you have Thanksgiving so close.

    1. Yes, a dog. An angel, I think, but it does have a monkish look.The dog angel has inspired me me to write a short Christmas story, which I’ll be sharing on our Hinterlands Website. A Christmas present for everyone, and it won’t be over 5,000 words.

  2. It’s very cheering to see your Christmas decorating has begun. Is your daughter still there?
    When my granddaughter Zoë was 3 she looked out the window on Christmas on a typical sunny CA day and began sobbing. She did not think it was Christmas because there was NO SNOW! Everything she had seen about Christmas included snow. It was a huge disappointment we did not know to prepare her for. Enjoy the beauty of your Maine Christmas and Happy holidays to you dear friend!

    1. Oh, so hard to have an image of things should be and then live in a place where it’s different. But I’m sure CA has its beauty, too, during the holidays. After all, the spirit of Christmas lives everywhere.

  3. You will get me into the Christmas spirit yet, Laurie. It is too hot at the moment to think of decorations, but I love yours. They look so special and shout out ‘family time’! If the pandemic behaves itself, then I am hoping my Cape Town family will be able to join us – THEN it will feel very Christmassy around here!

  4. I smiled to see those beautiful blue lights. With your newly discovered heritage, that’s quite appropriate, since blue is the color of Hannukah!

  5. It’s too early for me to start putting decorations up but I am thinking about Christmas, making plans and presents and my Christmas cake is made – just need to feed it booze for a while before icing it.

  6. I used to put up decorations, but the Three Sisters cats do not leave them alone, so I don’t except for a small wooden table top tree with one string of battery operated lights. 🙂

  7. Looking lovely and festive! That 2020 ornament — must try to find one of those as a remembrance. Love your patio area and like you I hope we have time to have a few more fires even though winter is definitely here in Saskatchewan. Bernie

  8. Nicely decorated, Laurie. I was blessed with two consecutive 60-plus degree days to do mine — no mittens or hat required! Of course, all bets are off on taking them down, ha!

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