Grateful Not to Have Broken My Nose or Anything Else

Several days ago, when I went shopping with my daughter Dee, I fell flat on my face outside of Kohl’s.  I mean this quite literally. One minute I was upright, and the next minute I had pavement pressing against my forehead and mouth. The fault was mine; I wasn’t paying attention. When I came to the curb, I walked along as though it weren’t there. But it was there, and down I fell.

A woman came rushing over. “Are you all right?”

Was I all right? As Dee helped me to my feet, I tasted blood, but miraculously no teeth seemed to be broken. I felt my nose. That, too, was fine. As far as I could tell, nothing was broken.

“I think I’m all right,” I said. “Thank you.”

“That darned curb!” the woman said, making me feel a little less stupid.

Yeah, that darned curb! Why the heck is it there, right in front of the entry way?  What purpose does it serve? In the end, of course, I should have noticed the curb and stepped over it, but I appreciated the woman’s kind words.

Dee and I went shopping in Kohl’s. I was in a bit of a daze, but I followed her around, giving her advice for Christmas presents.

Afterward, we went grocery shopping, a grim event as my right knee was really starting to ache. By the time I came home, I could hardly walk. It seems I had sprained my knee.

Ever since, I have been one with the living room couch, where I can sit with my legs outstretched. I do have a cane, which has been a big help, and every day my knee continues to improve. Today I even feel well enough to sit at my desk and write this post of my woes. (Never fear. If my knee hadn’t improved, I would have gone to the hospital for X-rays.)

In the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow, and it is a time for feeling grateful. You can bet I am feeling grateful that when I fell on the pavement, I didn’t break anything. It still amazes me that all my teeth are in my mouth and that my nose wasn’t broken. And I feel nothing but gratitude for having such a sturdy body.

You can also bet the next time I go anywhere, I will be on the lookout for curbs.







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  1. Oh Laurie, how awful for you! Not only for the physical injuries but the (imagined) indignity of falling. Thank you to the woman who reached out to you! Resting up is probably the best thing you could have done, so I am pleased you feel you are on the mend. I hope your Thanksgiving celebration will be a joyful one for you all.

  2. Thank goodness you are alright! I have a tendency to fall when we are hiking and like that woman I comment on the darn roots and stones.

  3. Oh Laurie!!! They need to paint that curb neon! My mom did something similar years and years ago. Christmas day she and dad went for their customary walk after the big holiday meal. It was cold in Alabama, so she had on her big winter coat, and her hands were in her coat pocket to stay warm. She caught a toe on a bit of upheaved pavment and couldn’t get her hands out of her pockets in time to break the fall. Though odds are if she had done that she’d have broken something in her arm, hand or wrist. She went to emergency. She had two big black eyes, and a broken nose…but no teeth issues. The ER separated my mom from my dad to try to find out if he beat her up. I guess I could understand that, and am grateful they were looking out for her. I kow your fall must have been terrible, and hurt!!! I can’t imagine continuing to shop. But then, a couple years ago I fell on ice during a run and finished my run after, even though I sprained both wrists. And in 2019 I fell running a race, and broke my finger and finished the race…so I guess we aren’t that different, right? I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that everyone waits on you and you don’t have to stand in the kitchen at all! HUGS!

    1. I think we’re pretty much cut out of the same mold. 😉 On a more serious note, I flinched as I read about your mother’s fall. Oh, my! Glad she didn’t break her arms, but her poor nose!

  4. Aww Laurie, so sorry to hear about the curb getting in the way! It’s good to hear nothing is broken and you may need to use the arnica cream again. Wishing you a speedy recovery and a blessed Thanksgiving tomorrow 🧡🙏

  5. Eek!
    It’s a sign you’re getting older if people rush over to help you rather than just laugh apparently. Plus, after a certain age, you don’t fall over you ‘have a fall’. Maybe that’s a British thing though and, as a rogue kerb was involved, it might count as a falling over after all.
    The day we moved back to England from France, we stopped for a coffee and to let the dogs have a pee before taking the train through the tunnel. We walked over a wooden bridge towards some greenery beyond and my feet went right out from under me as the wood had become slippy in the wet – I belatedly saw the warning signs. I didn’t even have time to put an arm out to check myself and went down with such a bang on the side of my head that I lay there still for a minute not believing I hadn’t done any damage to myself. So – I’m not counting that as ‘a fall’ either because it wasn’t my fault. 🤣
    So pleased that kerb didn’t damage teeth or nose but it’s definitely a shock to the system isn’t it.

    1. Thank you, thank you! Your fall sounds exactly like mine. So fast! I couldn’t believe I wasn’t spitting teeth out. We both got lucky, that’s for sure.

  6. Oh, gosh, Laurie, dang, these incidents really shake a body up. Glad nothing was broken, including your noggin. 😉 Allow others to do for you while you recover, and enjoy the blessings of the day.

  7. That is so scary. I often think that I’m one fall away from disability. So, silver lining: you will be ok and a catastrophic fall is now less likely because you’re going to more careful! I nearly fell yesterday stepping onto a small log that rolled under my foot, but I was lucky and caught myself. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  8. I did that once with a 18-month-old grandchild in my arms. She was scared but not hurt. I had a few bruises and broken glasses. Talk about grateful! It still upsets me to think about it. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Laurie. I’m gratfeul you are mostly OK.

  9. I’m very thankful you were not worse hurt but a sore knee isn’t good. I hope it’ll soon get better. I was out looking for more red mushrooms recently, slipped and ended up sitting in a muddy bit, but no harm was done as I was clinging to a bush. No harm other than having to walk home with a very muddy bottom. Wishing you all a very happy Thanksgiving!

  10. So sorry to hear that you fell, but glad to know you are healing. I fell a couple of weeks ago, it is my left knee that is healing, but slowly. Happy Thanksgiving Laurie and I hope you have no more falls.

  11. Oh, Laurie, I’m so sorry to read this. What a shame. You’re right that you have a lot to be thankful for, considering what could have happened. But still… I’ve actually tripped twice in the past few years. I was running, but still, it’s because not looking down and not picking my foot up enough. Apparently this is not unusual as we are “less young,” so watching carefully and picking our get are habits worth working on! Take care.

  12. Dear Laurie,
    I’m grateful for your sake, too, wish your woes will be over soon, and that you will be able to enjoy Thanksgiving with little to no discomfort.
    All the best,

  13. As one who did exactly the same thing a few weeks ago, I would like to extend my full sympathy to you. I must say that it is beginning to look as though all the best people trip over kerbs.

  14. I was so glad to read no broken bones or teeth and that your knee is beginning to heal!! That is so scary when you fall and I can see how you continued on shopping as so often the real pain doesn’t kick in right away as the adrenaline keeps you going and I know the determination of moms and daughters to not give up on that day out together. Because of the nerve damage in my foot I have to constantly stay aware as I’m walking and it’s amazing how quickly something unexpected can happen. Take care as you continue to rest and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!🙂

  15. Well, that title certainly grabbed everyone’s attention. Wow – I’m glad things are such that rest and probably some OTC meds will help you get back on your feet, literally. I have realized I watch where my feet are going so much that I could probably walk into a building and not see it. When I was in HR, I would walk the property looking for what I called Workers Compensation flags. I’m grateful for that because it keeps me looking around. I haven’t fallen for several years. I went down on early morning ice doing chicken chores. I retired from farm chores right after that. Take care, get well, and enjoy tomorrow. 🙂

  16. I’m so glad you are resting and recovering. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with Clif and your daughter. Sending love! ❤

  17. I am glad you are recovering and there was no need to visit a hospital. Relax and enjoy board games/ books. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  18. You know I can identify, Laurie. I am so pleased it wasn’t worse for you. Yesterday, Jackie pointed out a large bruise on the side of my right hip. I hadn’t known it was there.

  19. Oh gosh, Laurie. I’m so glad you’re okay. It’s amazing how much abuse our bodies can take. I’m one for hitting my head on things. I actually walked into a tree while pruning a few weeks ago. I’m relieved to hear that you’re healing well, that you retained all of your teeth, and that your nose is wear it belongs on your face. A nice list of things to be thankful for, along with your daughters good company and the kind shopper that helped relieve the tension of the moment. When you’re feeling better, it might also be worth a short note to Kohl’s regarding the curb. Sending healing thoughts your way. xo

  20. Hope everything is healing well.

    I manged to fall off my typing chair a few months ago. I leant over to pick something off the floor and next thing I knew I was on the floor too. That’s what happens when you put wheels on chairs!

  21. My stomach lurches with the empathy of your fall, but I can’t help but chuckle at the humour your manage to muster even as you hobble around – you really have an indomitable spirit, Laurie!

    So glad to hear you are on the mend – hope all this excitement hasn’t interfered with the completion of Book 4. Sending lots of positive energy for the continued recovery of your knee.

  22. Ouch! Your perspective is just right – reflecting on the fact that things could have been a lot worse is better than focussing too much on the injuries that you did in fact sustain. Let’s face it, life’s just a series of accidents waiting to happen so occasional misfortunes are inevitable 🙁. Hope you’re soon fully recovered.

  23. It is good news you were not severely injured! We all have much to be thankful for in our lives. Sending you best wishes for a speedy recovery, Laurie, and yes, please do watch those curbs!

    1. Thanks, Lavinia! A week has made quite a difference. Still sore, but today I actually made some chocolate chip oatmeal bars. And I even cleaned the kitchen afterwards. Progress!

  24. Falling is horrible! Added to the physical injuries are the embarrassment and the shock so no wonder you were dazed! Keep resting and have a great Thanksgiving.

  25. I did the same thing some months ago. A sprinkler head hadn’t retracted as it should have, and I did a faceplant on a brick sidewalk. I had quite a headache for a day, but like you there was nothing permanently amiss. More recently, I hooked my foot under a line on a boat and went flying. Again, there was no damage. I think I’ll just call it a bone scan, and let it go. There wasn’t even a deductible called for!

    Honestly, I’m glad you’re healing. If you’re to the baking and kitchen cleaning stage, you’re doing quite well, and I’m grateful for that!

  26. Hope you are feeling much better now, Laurie. Good for you for having a body that is used to moving and bending and could absorb this insult with minimal effects. Healing hugs to you.

  27. You poor thing, Laurie! I had the same kind of run in with a sidewalk in July. My face turned purple instantly. I can’t imagine going shopping right after! I know the feeling of gratitude. Nothing broke. I’m glad you are doing better.

    1. Oh, gosh! From the comments, I am learning that tripping over curbs is not uncommon. While I certainly don’t wish the experience on anyone, I do feel a little less stupid now after hearing the stories of others.

      1. Please don’t feel stupid, Laurie. I’d venture a guess that more people have done it more than haven’t. That doesn’t make it any less dangerous.

  28. I’m so glad you weren’t more hurt, Laurie, and that your knee is recovering. I’ve had those types of falls too. Embarrassing, but as long as we can get up and brush ourselves off… I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Take care and here’s to a rapid recovery!

  29. Good grief, how awful! As one who’s done more than my share of tripping, I know how you must have felt. Dazed and sore, of course, but embarrassed as well. I cracked two ribs in a very similar fall to yours, so be grateful you didn’t hurt yourself worse!

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