A Halloween Treat from Alys

Yesterday’s mail brought an ever-so-special Halloween treat from Alys of Gardening Nirvana—one of her fabulous homemade cards. Onto the metal bulletin board by my desk this exquisite card will go to take its place among other special cards I have received.

Tucked inside the card were three adorable bookmarks designed by Alys’s beloved blogging friend Pauline, who passed away last year.

In honor of Pauline’s birthday on September 5, Alys recently offered to send bookmarks to any blogging friends who wanted them. All we had to do was send Alys our addresses, and she would take care of the postage.

How could I resist? I adore bookmarks, and I have a wonderful little collection on my night stand. Although I never connected with Pauline on her blog, I was moved by the friendship and generosity between her and Alys. They actually got to meet a couple of times, which makes a blogging friendship even more special.

The bookmarks feature Pauline’s orange cat Orlando. He reminds me of my rascal of a cat Sherlock, who died this spring.

Such a lovely way to honor a friendship. Many thanks, Alys for sending me the oh-so-special card and bookmarks.

And many thanks, Pauline. Your beauty and creativity continue to shine forth.


62 thoughts on “A Halloween Treat from Alys”

  1. What a lovely and generous gift from Alys, Laurie. I followed Pauline for years. She artwork was stunning as was her kindness and positivity. The bookmarks are so sweet! Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks so much for this wonderful post. Pauline and I were blog buddies at my previous blog – so I followed the link to Alys’ post … and that’s where I learned of her passing. But as I think of her, I smile. 🙂

      1. I was. Pauline began her day with my post over coffee. She worried if I was late. One of my large photographic prints adorned her wall and she sent us one of her light catchers. After she had her stroke and seemed to be recovered for some reason I decided not to wait for her birthday to send her one of my featured illustrated books. She said she had read and enjoyed it just days before she died.

  3. Beautiful. The friendships, the gifts, the generosity expressed in so many ways. Thank you for sharing this, Laurie 🙏

  4. Those are lovely gifts. I have been struck by how friendly and supportive the blogging community is even though most of us never meet in person.

  5. What a lovely little package for you to open.
    I’ve never met Alys in person but just know she’d be one of life’s beautiful people.
    I have some of Pauline’s cards she sent to me once – a lovely reminder of another very special person.

  6. The card reminds me of the Halloween assignment in my very first design class. We had to make a piece of Halloween art that didn’t have orange, pumpkins, witches etc. I did black and purple with a vampire; that card would earn an A. The workmanship is beautiful.

  7. Thank you so much for another glimpse (so to speak) of Pauline. I recognized her artwork right away. I miss her. We never met but did connect for many years via our blogs and chats.

    That is a beautiful card. 🙂

  8. Such a greatl way for Alys to pay tribute to her dear friend, Pauline. Lovely bookmarks, and I love the card Alys made! Thank you for sharing. Pauline always knew what to say and just how to say it. She was so kind and so wise. Really a beautiful soul.

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