A Tale of Two Gardens & a Short Break

At my home on the edge of the woods, my gardens look their best in June, July, and August. This time of year, they are at a frowzy stage, with lots of drooping yellow and brown leaves and spent flowers.

The back garden, more formally laid out than the ones in the front yard, is most definitely past its best. The glory of its summer days are long gone.

However, as you can see from this view from one of the windows in our house, the backyard is still a nice place to be, even in autumn.

In the front yard, the gardens are more haphazardly laid out and are not as lovely as the back garden when it’s at its peak.

However, in autumn, the “tangly” nature of the front gardens really shines, reminding me that late bloomers have a certain loveliness. Perhaps the same is true of people as well?


Next week will be a busy one for me. In between painting and refurbishing one of our bathrooms, we will also be celebrating two birthdays—my 64th birthday on the 15th and Clif’s 70th. His birthday is not until the 27th, but we are firm believers in celebrating early and often.

I will therefore be taking a break from posting, reading other blogs, and commenting.

I plan to come back the week of September 20th.

À bientôt!


66 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Gardens & a Short Break”

  1. Perhaps you’re being overly critical, Laurie? I think your gardens look lovely. My own flowers have had a hard season — weather hasn’t been especially kind, and they’re showing signs of stress. We do the best we can. Hey, Happy Birthday to both of you, and enjoy your wee break!

  2. Happy birthday to us, the September babies!
    Have a good blog break, Laurie – it sounds like you will be mighty busy with all the renovations & celebrations! See you in a few weeks.

  3. Happy birthday to you both ……enjoy yourselves and treat yourselves to some lovely food. Best wishes from all the Cockatoos in Australia!

  4. Lovely colours in your garden. It’s such a blessing to have a place to enjoy away from crowds.

    Birthday wishes to you in Cliff in advance. Enjoy your time.

  5. Beautiful flowers in both gardens—Lovely to see! Happy happy celebrating to you and Clif during your birthday season ( never just a day but a season.)❤

  6. Happy birthdays, dear Laurie and Clif! Happy birthmonth, I mean. Your garden still looks good and it’s the flip side to mine – the front looks lovely and green, while the ferns, bee balms, and some hostas in the back are browning and bedraggled.

  7. I lean toward the wild side of the English Cottage Garden. This requires mostly a bit of tidying up around the rough edges. But, there are also many discoveries to find in the randomness, from unexpected flowers, to insects, to reptiles. Enjoy your celebrations. -Oscar

  8. Late bloomers are the best. I love the word ‘frowsy’ though I hardly know what it means. Your autumn garden looks absolutely lovely. I see I’ve missed your birthday but hope you had a happy day. I’m sending birthday greetings to Clif too. It puts a smile on my face to imaging you both celebrating often!

  9. Happy belated birthday, Laurie, and to Clif for his birthday to come! Everything looks beautiful there going into autumn.

    We’ve had a couple of days of rain here. I have never been happier to see rain!

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